Sustainable Travel Tips for travellers heading to Koh Samui

Known for its lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture. the island of Koh Samui stands beautiful, waiting to show people its allure.  As you embark on your journey to this idyllic destination, consider embracing sustainable travel practices to minimise your environmental impact and contribute to preserving Koh Samui’s natural beauty. From eco-friendly accommodations to responsible exploration of local attractions, the island deserves the best of care.

Try Eco-Friendly essentials

You can start by ensuring the acquisition of a non-toxic insect repellent or include essential oils such as eucalyptus, lemon balm, or citronella in your packing list, all of which effectively deter mosquitoes without causing harm to the environment. You can also prioritize reef-friendly sunscreen and embrace the use of reusable bamboo utensil sets and food containers for day trips and excursions, minimizing reliance on wasteful plastic takeout containers.

Consider public transport

Whenever feasible, consider exploring a new destination on foot or by bike—these represent the most eco-friendly transportation options, enabling you to delve deep into the heart of a place where traditional cars may not venture – and for longer journeys, consider minibuses or participating in car-sharing initiatives as modest ways to diminish your carbon footprint. Travelling to and from your beach villa in Koh Samui can be quite fun by itself.

Camp out for a few nights

Thailand boasts over 110 national parks, providing visitors with opportunities to observe local wildlife amid rugged landscapes. Just a two-hour journey from Bangkok, Khao Yai National Park exemplifies this, offering camping experiences along the river and lake, enveloping nights with the glow of fireflies, and popular parks often provide log-cabin-style bungalows alongside tents and camping supplies.

Keep energy and water usages down

Sustainable Travel – Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

During hotel or guesthouse stays, contribute to reducing their carbon footprint by requesting new towels and linens only when essential, and if you’re staying at such places like the Santiburi Koh Samui, you can make a point to avoid single-use plastic, and dine in an eco-friendly way as well.