Fun and Unusual Things to Do in Surabaya

Explore the lesser-known attractions of Surabaya with activities that go beyond the ordinary. From volcanic wonders to unique museums, the city has more to offer than meets the eye.

Bromo Midnight Tour

Embark on the Bromo Midnight Tour for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Step out of your hotel in Surabaya, Indonesia before sunrise to witness the magical spectacle behind the active Bromo volcano in the Bromo Tengger National Park. The surreal landscape makes this tour a must for any bucket list and tops the charts for things to do in Surabaya.

Visit Sampoerna Museum

Step into the unusual world of the Sampoerna Museum, which is located just 30 minutes away from YELLO Hotel Jemursari Surabaya. The museum is housed in a grand colonial-era building. Despite its unconventional theme as a cigarette factory museum, it’s a Surabaya highlight. Explore the history of Sampoerna, a famous clove cigarette brand, and catch a mesmerising glimpse of the working cigarette factory from the second-floor viewing room.

Traditional Food: Kartiko at Pasar Atom

Delve into Surabaya’s food scene with a visit to Kartiko at Pasar Atom. Amidst the bustling market, Kartiko serves an array of traditional sweet and savoury delights. This food haven captures the essence of Surabaya’s culinary heritage, offering delicious and pocket-friendly options.

The Bull Races on Madura

Image via Wikimedia Commons – Devanocturno, Karapan Sapi brujul Probolinggo, CC BY-SA 4.0

Take a unique excursion to the island of Madura, just off the coast of Java, for the exhilarating bull races held from July to August. Celebrating the rice harvest, these races are a spectacle worth witnessing. Despite the 3-4 hour drive from Surabaya, the races offer an unusual and captivating experience, making it a worthy addition to your Surabaya itinerary.