Explore the Charms of Samarinda

Nestled in Samarinda’s heart lies a rich culture and natural wonders waiting to be explored. Delve into a vibrant city offering breathtaking waterfalls, cultural villages, and unique destinations that paint the essence of Samarinda.

Air Terjun Pinang Seribu

Embrace the allure of nature at Air Terjun Pinang Seribu, a picturesque waterfall in North Sempaja, located just a 25-minute drive from FOX Lite Hotel Samarinda. Its cascading steps and tranquil waters offer a perfect spot to unwind amidst gazebos and family-friendly play areas. Best visited on sunny days to enjoy the beauty without slippery paths.

Kampung Tenun Weaving Process

Immerse yourself in Samarinda’s woven fabric heritage at Kampung Tenun. Witness the intricate weaving process and explore the vibrant checkered patterns. Visit Kampung Baqa and Kampung Masjid to witness the artistry behind the traditional ‘Gedokan’ loom.

Desa Budaya Pampang

Experience the essence of Dayak Kenyah culture at Desa Budaya Pampang. Engage in tribal life, witness traditional performances, and capture moments in authentic attire against the backdrop of traditional houses. Explore local handicrafts at the village’s souvenir shop.

Kumala Island Mini Tour

Kumala Island – Image via Flickr

Sail into Kumala Island, an oasis in the Mahakam River that mirrors Kalimantan’s culture. Explore its elongated shape akin to an overturned boat and indulge in a Taman Mini Indonesia Indah-like experience. Enjoy traditional buildings, modern rides, and a sky tower offering a glimpse of a modern cityscape. If you stay at a hotel in Samarinda, speak to a staff member and learn about how you can be part of this adventure.