Tips for Tiny Living

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Whether you own a tiny home or an RV, these tips for tiny living will help you create a comfortable and functional living space. 

I recently contributed to an article about tiny living in which I shared my space-saving tips for setting up a home office in an RV. I was thrilled to see so many great tips for tiny living in the article. Read on for my tip about working in an RV as a digital nomad.

What is Tiny Living?

Tiny living is a popular and exciting lifestyle choice. With an expected market growth of USD 4,171.33 million and a 4.88% annual increase from 2022 to 2027, more people are embracing the simplicity and efficiency of living small. Whether you own a tiny home or an RV, regular maintenance and smart space management are key to a comfortable and functional living space.

Our fifth-wheel trailer lets us comfortably travel and work as digital nomads. Photo by Bill Graham

Understanding Tiny Living

Tiny living is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability. It encourages using fewer resources. Whether you want to reduce your environmental footprint, save money, or embrace minimalism, here are some key aspects you need to consider:

Types of Tiny Homes

Tiny houses on wheels (THOWs): Portable and flexible, ideal for those who love to travel.

Tiny houses on foundations: Permanent and suitable for traditional neighborhoods.

Converted vehicles: RVs, Vans, and buses offer mobility and off-grid living.

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs): Small homes on the same lot as larger ones, often used as rentals or guest houses.

Daily Life Adjustments

Space management: Use efficiently every inch with multifunctional furniture and creative storage solutions.

Simplicity: Minimalist approach, keeping only necessary or joyful items.

Decor: Choose thoughtful decor that creates a cozy and personalized space without overwhelming it.

Community: Strong sense of community among tiny home enthusiasts.

Financial freedom: Lower costs for housing, utilities, and maintenance.

Great Tips for Tiny Living

The full article focuses on maintenance, safety, space-saving tips, decluttering tips, decorating tips, and more.

My Tips for Setting Up a Home Office in an RV

In late 2022, we decided to downsize, move into an RV, and live and work on the road full-time. I’m a digital publisher and print magazine managing editor, while my husband is an IT manager for a Fortune 100 company, so we must have a dedicated workspace.

Desk with our computers in our fifth-wheel trailer. Photo by Susan Lanier-Graham

We customized our Jayco North Point by removing the sofa and installing a long desk that spans from window to window. This adaptable setup allows two people to work side by side. My key advice is to go paperless. I use a compact Brother DSMobile scanner for all my scanning needs, from receipts to documents, and then I store everything in the cloud.

A storage box for papers also doubles as a footstool or table. Photo by Susan Lanier-Graham

I use a decorative leather footstool with space for a handful of files for those inevitable paper documents. We have a small 15” square table at the end of the island that houses our printer, with space for a limited number of supplies underneath—no cases of printer paper or bulk supplies. We have Mac computers with big monitors, so to secure them during travel, we place the monitors in quilted pillow shams, turn them upside down on the desktop, and secure them with bungee cords.

Check out the complete article here for dozens of tips and tricks for making the most of your tiny living space.