Scotland’s Most ‘Instagrammable’ Destinations

A new study reveals that Edinburgh Castle is the most Instagrammable destination in Scotland, with a total of 723,165 posts featuring its hashtag! 

Private Tours Scotland analyzed Instagram data for 30 popular Scottish tourist destinations, to uncover which have been tagged the most on the platform by users. 

Stirling Castle

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The tenth most Instagrammable destinations in Scotland is Stirling Castle, with 92,983 posts using its hashtag. Once a favoured residence of the Stewart kings and queens, Stirling Castle offers fascinating exhibitions and beautiful gardens to explore at your leisure. Access to the castle is priced at £16.50 ($20.96) for an adult ticket. 

Eilean Donan Castle

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In ninth place is Eilean Donan Castle, with a total of 108,495 hashtagged Instagram posts. One of the most recognised castles in Scotland, this iconic monument overlooks the Isle of Skye, where three sea-lochs meet, and is surrounded by the forested mountains of Kintail. An adult ticket costs £12 ($15.25) to visit this truly beautiful destination. 

Isle of Arran

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The Isle of Arran is the eighth most Instagrammable spot, with 149,863 posts. This island has an ever-changing coastline, dramatic mountain peaks, luscious forests, and stunning beaches to suit all visitors. 

Ben Nevis

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Following in seventh place is Scotland’s largest mountain, Ben Nevis, with a total of 276,055 posts featuring its hashtag. The legendary peak of Ben Nevis towers above glistening lochans and deep glacial valleys, with two main walking routes depending on your hiking experience. For those wanting to take the gondola, an adult day pass will cost £24.95 ($31.73). 

Arthur’s Seat

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Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh takes the sixth spot, with 305,598 posts using its hashtag. As the highest point of Holyrood Park, Arthur’s Seat is an ancient volcano that sits 251 metres above sea level, giving a spectacular view of the city. Access is free for visitors and is open all year round. 

Cairngorms National Park

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In fifth place is Cairngorms National Park, with a total of 331,923 Instagram posts using its hashtag. Cairngorms is the UK’s largest national park, with breath-taking landscapes including the wild mountains, heather moorlands, forests, and the wetlands and rivers which wind through the flood plains. 

Loch Ness

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The world-famous Loch Ness ranks fourth, with 527,939 posts featuring its hashtag on the social media platform. Loch Ness contains more water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined, making it the most voluminous lake in the UK. Take a visit to Loch Ness to find out if a monster really does lurk in the deep… 

Loch Lomond

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The third most Instagrammable destination in Scotland is Loch Lomond, with 596,965 posts using the hashtag, #lochlomond. This beautiful freshwater loch crosses the Highland Boundary Fault and is surrounded by charming villages, rolling countryside and hills. There is also access to the water for those seeking activities such as paddle boarding, open water swimming and kayaking.  


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Closely following in second place is Glencoe, with 607,634 posts featuring the hashtag #glencoe. Located within Lochaber Geopark in the Highlands, the deep valley and towering mountains of Glen Coe were formed over millennia of shifting glaciers and volcanic eruptions, making it a perfect destination for explorers. 

Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle takes the crown as the most Instagrammable spot in Scotland, with an impressive 723,165 posts using the hashtag, #edinburghcastle. Standing on Castle Rock in the country’s capital, Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest fortified places in Europe. The castle holds the oldest Crown jewels in Britain, The Honours of Scotland, making this spot a must-see destination for visitors in the capital. An adult ticket costs £19.50 ($24.84) to visit and it is open for visitors from 9:30 to 18:00 every day during the summer period.

Final Thoughts

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Struan Baird, Co-founder of Private Tours Scotland, commented on the findings: 

“Discovering the most Instagrammable destinations in Scotland offers a unique insight into the country’s most popular and picture-perfect spots for tourists. From spectacular lochs and mountains to fascinating castles rich with history, this data showcases the appreciation of Scotland’s beauty from tourists and locals, hopefully providing inspiration for your next trip.” 

Sources: Private Tours Scotland, Visit Scotland, Instagram

Written by: Gracie Richmond @Journo Research 

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