15 Reasons Why Lapland Needs To Be On Your Summer Vacation Radar

Prepare to have your mind blown, fellow adventurers! We’ve uncovered the most mind-boggling, jaw-dropping reasons why Lapland should be at the tippy-top of your summer travel bucket list. Brace yourself for a wild ride through a land that’s straight out of a fairy tale, where mouthwatering delicacies await, mythical creatures roam, and the sun shines through the night.

Are you ready? Let’s dive headfirst into the magical wonderland that is Finnish Lapland!

40+ Days of Sunshine

Photo Credit: Jenn Coleman.

The Arctic Circle is a spectacular place where the sun doesn’t rise on the Winter Solstice or set on the Summer Solstice, creating stunning visual displays during the polar night and the midnight sun. In Finnish Lapland, towns like Levi and Ylläs experience 45 days of summer sunlight, providing endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and phenomenal lighting for capturing the perfect moment.

Forests and More Forests

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Finland boasts the largest forested area in Europe, with over 75% of the country covered in trees. Visitors and residents alike have the privilege of enjoying Finland’s natural beauty, thanks to the legal concept of ‘Everyman’s Right’ that allows freedom to roam, as long as nature, people, and property are respected and protected. This unique experience promotes preservation and respect for the outdoors, ensuring future generations can enjoy the unspoiled wonder.

The Cleanest Air on Earth

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Finland has the cleanest air in the world, proven by the World Health Organisation (WHO). With the most forests in Europe, the air is pure and refreshing, perfect after a long day of outdoor activities. The aroma of summer wildflowers and pine forests can always be found. Finnish Lapland must be even more incredible with air this good.

More Reindeer Then People

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Finnish Lapland has 20,000 more reindeer than people, and that’s a lot! These reindeer are well-equipped to survive in the Arctic due to their unique ability to digest lichens and their thick winter coats. Originally tamed from European reindeer, they are now semi-domesticated, and you’ll see them freely roaming through forests and even walking through towns during the summer.

Shiny Happy People

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Finland is home to the world’s happiest people, according to the World Happiness Report 2022. While happiness takes various forms, the Finnish version is often described as contentedness with a touch of joy. This is possibly due to the concept of ‘friluftsliv’, which means ‘open-air living’ in Norwegian. Whether it’s hiking under the midnight sun or simply enjoying the fresh air, Finnish Lapland is guaranteed to bring happiness to those who love the great outdoors.

Lapland Ski Resorts in Summer

Photo Credit: Jenn Coleman.

Lapland boasts 14 ski resorts, two of which are exceptional – Levi, the highest-rated resort, and Ylläs, the longest gondola in the country. During summer, Levi operates two gondolas that offer access to an alpine slide, Samiland Exhibition, Santa’s Cabin Disc Golf Course, the hike to Santa’s Cabin, and various bike parks, while Ylläs operates a single lift that services the Ylläs Bike Park and a pizza cafe. With just a day lift pass, enjoy the thrill of summer activities at both resorts.

Mountain Biking

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Downhill mountain biking sets itself apart with thrilling, rapid descents. Riders use sturdy bikes, protective gear, and full-face helmets while navigating banked turns and jumps on advanced trails. Levi Bike Park and Ylläs Bike Park offer unbeatable experiences, with trails suitable for beginners to experts. Impressive vertical drops, rental options for top-quality equipment, and amazing views make these parks a must-visit for mountain biking enthusiasts.

Hiking Trails For Miles

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Lapland’s hiking trails offer more diversity than expected, with easy hikes like the wheelchair-accessible Huippupolku Peak Trail or long-distance options under the midnight sun in one of Finland’s ten national parks. Explore the six best national parks for hiking, from vast Urho Kekkonen to the bog-filled slopes of Riisitunturi, for an unforgettable adventure. Come explore the beauty of Lapland and discover your new favorite hiking trail.

Lapland Lakes

Photo Credit: Jenn Coleman.

Minnesota may have lost their basketball team to Los Angeles, but they still boast ten thousand lakes. Meanwhile, Finland’s aptly named Lakeland is home to an impressive 187,888 lakes. Paddling enthusiasts will find plenty of adventure in Lapland, whether it’s a fun pack raft trip with Sisu Outdoors or a serene SUP experience launching off Lake Immeljärvi. For the adventurous types, epic multi-day water routes on Lake Inarijärvi offer a chance to paddle from hut to hut. There’s no shortage of excitement to be had on Lapland’s lakes.

Summer Saunas

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Lapland’s summer saunas are the real deal. With 2 million saunas for a population of 5.5 million, the Finns sure know how to sweat and cool off. Immerse yourself in a 175-degree sauna, then jump into the lake for a mid-sauna dip. It’s a remarkable Finnish experience that becomes unforgettable with midnight sun views. Browse the photos from the Arctic Skylight Lodge in Ylläs to witness the excellence firsthand!

Food Glorious Food

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Dining in Lapland is a gastronomic adventure that shouldn’t be missed. Sample iconic dishes such as the sauteed reindeer poronkaristys and blueberry pie mustikkapiirakka at traditional restaurants. Ready to try something new?

Indulge in Mexican cuisine and signature lingonberry margaritas at Lost Tacos in Levi or savor smoked reindeer and lingonberry in white wine-cream sauce at Jolie Lounge & Café in Ylläs. With endless options ranging from traditional to innovative, Lapland’s cuisine will never leave you bored.

Unique Accommodations

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Lapland offers a range of accommodations for every type of traveler. Boutique hotels, like Levi Design and Lapland Hotels Saaga, offer a charming atmosphere, Finnish breakfasts, and sometimes saunas. For a unique experience, check out micro cottages, like the Arctic Skylight Lodge, with glass walls and ceilings, set alongside lakes or forests for the perfect view of the northern lights in winter or the midnight sun in summer.

Winter Stars of Lapland Summering

Photo Credit: Jenn Coleman.

Lapland’s beauty is not only found in its breathtaking nature, but also in the fascinating people, both real and fictional, that call it home. Laplanders have a special bond with the outdoors and seasons, and welcome visitors to their unique corner of the world with open arms. They care for a diverse range of animals, from reindeer to wolf dogs, that are well-adapted to living north of the Arctic Circle. Lapland is also home to enchanting creatures like elves, including Santa Claus himself. Explore the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi or the Tonttula – Elves Village in Köngäs for an unforgettable experience filled with mystical creatures, elf houses, and more.

Midsummer Festival

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Midsummer in Lapland is like a hybrid of spring rites, wedding season, and a harvest festival all in one. It’s the time of year when Finland ushers in warm weather and celebrates with festivals, bonfires, saunas, and midnight sun rituals, like the tradition of placing seven flowers under your pillow to dream of your future spouse. With its fleeting summer season, Lapland knows how to rock Midsummer unlike anywhere else.

Lapland – The Ultimate Summer Vacation

Photo Credit: Eetu Leikas.

Lapland in summer is a unique blend of people, places, and nature that come together to celebrate the endless daylight hours. It’s a place where time stands still as fleeting moments are stretched beyond the horizon and the dazzling luminescence of nature creates memories that will last a lifetime.