How to Plan a Fairytale Wedding in a Scottish Castle

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Discover the secrets to creating your dream destination wedding. Read on for tips to plan a fairytale wedding in a Scottish castle. 

For many couples, a fairytale wedding is a dream they have longed to experience. The charm, elegance, and romance of such an event are unmatched. Envision exchanging vows in beautiful nature and historical splendor in a centuries-old castle.

The popularity of destination weddings is rising. Until 2034, the global market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 13.3%. As of 2024, the industry is valued at $34,163 million; by 2034, it is expected to reach $119,084.4 million.

With their rich history and breathtaking architecture, Scottish castles provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding straight out of a storybook. In this article, we will look at some useful tips for planning a wedding destination in a Scottish castle.

Plan your dream destination wedding at a Scottish castle. Photo courtesy Pixabay

Choosing the Perfect Castle

Each castle has its unique history, style, and amenities, making it essential to research thoroughly. Start by identifying the historical Scottish castles that host weddings. Consider factors like venue size, accessibility, and location.

Some castles are nestled in remote areas and offer seclusion and intimacy. Others are closer to cities and are, therefore, more convenient.

Another thing you need to check is whether the castle’s size can comfortably accommodate your guest list. Consider Sydney Park and Jeffrey Cafarchio, who tied the knot in a Scottish castle.

As they explained in Tie the Knot Scotland, Blairquhan Castle in Ayrshire was their choice. They were looking for a place where forty guests could remain on the property and spend time together. They had complete access to the castle’s chambers and the surrounding cottages on the estate. Thus, it became like a vacation and a wedding for them.

Setting Your Fairytale Theme

Classic fairytale themes include Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or a more general medieval fantasy. Think about which story resonates with you both. This theme will influence your chosen decor, clothes, and general atmosphere.

An article from Brides notes that you may create a fairy tale wedding by taking cues from many magical aspects. You could fill the room with flowers, use romantic lighting, or highlight every surface with gold accents. Additionally, you could also do some of the following things:

Make your wedding invitations have a theme
Select an enchanting wedding gown
Make a stately arrival
Elevate your living space with golden accents
Add a bunch of roses
Carry a bouquet with royal influence
Make an impact with your aisle

Once you find your dream location, you can determine your wedding theme. Photo by jarcosa via iStock by Getty Images

Finding the Right Engagement Ring

While selecting the perfect ring, consider the style, setting, and, most importantly, the stone. The size of the carat (ct) has a big impact on how the ring looks and feels. For individuals who want to strike a balance between price and size, a 0.9-ct engagement ring is a great option. It offers significant sparkle without the higher cost of a full carat.

With some research, you can easily find many 0.9 ct engagement rings with different design options. You are also advised to get your engagement ring from an online seller who can ship it to Scotland without hassle. When finding the right online seller, look for client reviews and licenses it has to ensure getting good products and services.

You should also measure your ring size accurately before placing an order. According to Leibish, you can take several measures to get the size correct without needing later adjustments. For example, you could use printable charts and any ring that the wearer is already wearing. Place the existing ring on the prints to find the closest match.

Alternatively, you can use the string method for determining the ring size. All you need to do is wrap a piece of paper at the base of the finger and mark the meeting point. Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the string or paper to your desired size. Next, divide that value by Pi, or 3.14, using the mm marks. That will be the ring’s diameter.

When planning a fairytale wedding in a Scottish castle, make the right ring choices. Photo by battler via iStock by Getty Images

Engagement rings hold a lot of significance and will be a highlight of your destination wedding at a Scottish castle. They are so important that many celebrities have invested a huge amount of money in them.

For instance, Blake Lively received a pink sparkler worth $2.5 million from her husband, Ryan Reynolds. It features an oval-cut stone placed in a rose gold band. Similarly, Kim Kardashian was given a 15-carat ring worth an estimated $4 million.

The most expensive in history was received by Grace Kelly, who got a 10-carat emerald-cut diamond from Prince Rainier III. When adjusted for inflation, the ring would cost $44.3 million today.

After her “temporary” engagement ring of diamonds and rubies, Grace Kelly (who became Princess Grace) received a beautiful 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond set in platinum from Prince Rainier III. Photo by Laura Loveday via Flickr

Customizing Your Ceremony

Tailoring your wedding ceremony to fit the fairytale theme makes it even more magical. Incorporate traditional Scottish elements to add authenticity and charm. A handfasting ceremony represents oneness and commitment by linking the couple’s hands with a cord or ribbon. This old Celtic custom can give your vows a deeper, more intense significance.

Consider having a piper play traditional Scottish music as you walk down the aisle. The sound of bagpipes can create a powerful and emotional atmosphere. You might also include a Quaich ceremony, where the couple drinks from a shared cup, symbolizing the blending of their lives. These elements can make your ceremony unique and memorable.

Consider hiring a bagpiper to play at your destination wedding in Scotland. Photo by Lukassek via iStock by Getty Images

You may add a lot of personal touches to your wedding. This can involve making something unique for the ceremony or the reception. Here are some things to try:

A custom bar
Unexpected sitting arrangements
Bouquet ribbons
Reception tent
Mood lighting

The Reception Fit for Royalty

To create a cozy, romantic atmosphere, adorn the dining area with exquisite table settings, lavish floral arrangements, and candlelight. Choose a menu that reflects the grandeur of the setting. Traditional Scottish meals like haggis, salmon, and a variety of exquisite cheeses can add a local touch. Complement these with fine wines and signature cocktails inspired by your theme.

Entertainment is key to a memorable reception. A live band or classical musicians can set the tone with romantic melodies. Consider hiring a ceilidh band for traditional Scottish dancing, which can be a fun and engaging activity for guests. A DJ can keep the energy high with classic and contemporary tunes for a modern twist.

You can also try personalizing the wedding reception by hosting a sentimental setting or telling a story with your seating chart. For example, you could add a relationship timeline instead of just writing the guest’s name on the tables. This will let you tell your love story to everyone at your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get married at Balmoral Castle?

Balmoral Castle isn’t available for weddings. However, you may still tie the knot in The Pipers Hall or the stunning Crathie Kirk (the Queen’s church) next door.

What is a traditional Scottish wedding?

Many couples actually tie the knot on their wedding day in Scotland. Both the bride and the groom give each other a strip of cloth, typically their clan tartan, to be used throughout the ceremony. Other traditions followed in a traditional Scottish wedding are handfasting, luckenbooth, and bagpipes.

What is the blackening of the bride?

Blackening is a pre-wedding custom in Scotland. The bride and groom are usually kidnapped by their friends or families. They are covered in gooey substances to bring good fortune to their new marriage. Flour, custard, fish guts, rotten eggs, and cow dung can be used for the tradition.

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Planning Your Fairytale Wedding in a Scottish Castle

A fairytale wedding in a Scottish castle requires thorough planning of many different aspects. It can range from selecting the ideal location to customizing the traditions. Accept the enchantment of the location and customize every element to tell your love tale. Your wedding can be a dream come true if you put enough thought and creativity into it. We invite you to explore Wander With Wonder for more of our favorite wedding traditions and some of our recommendations for romantic escapes that will be ideal for your honeymoon.