Discover Photography Essentials in Photographer Mattias Klum’s Backpack

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Explore the must-have gear and tools used by acclaimed photographer Mattias Klum. Uncover his photography essentials when he captures stunning images worldwide.

As a celebrated photographer, filmmaker, environmentalist, and artist, Mattias Klum’s work takes him across the globe, documenting endangered species, at-risk ecosystems, and minority groups. His extensive travels, often to remote and challenging environments, provide profound insights into the natural world and human civilization. Through his collaborations with National Geographic and The New York Times, Klum has become a respected figure in his field.

Photographer Mattias Klum shares what’s in his backpack for global travel. Photo courtesy Mattias Klum

Essential Gear in Mattias Klum’s Backpack

Let’s look inside Klum’s backpack, which he takes on his global travels.

The Nikon Z Series Cameras

Klum relies on the Nikon Z series, particularly the Z8 and Z9 models, for their durability and exceptional image quality. These high-resolution cameras are also compact and easy to carry, making them ideal for his rigorous travel schedule.

Portable Flash Units

Klum always carries the Nikon SB5000 compact flash in his backpack. This portable flash is lightweight, easy to use, and reliable in varying lighting conditions, crucial for capturing nature photography.

A Range of Versatile Lenses

Klum’s lens kit includes the 14-24mm F2.8, 24-70mm, and telephoto lenses such as the 400mm F2.8 and 600mm F4. These lenses allow him to capture sharp, vivid images and are essential for wide-angle and close-up shots. The lens choice depends on the specific needs of each shoot, whether it’s a sweeping landscape or detailed wildlife photography.

The lens he chooses depends on the subject he is photographing, so he carries several versatile lenses. Photo by welcomia via iStock by Getty Images

Carefully Selected Photography Accessories

In addition to his primary gear, Klum carries essential accessories like lens filters, cleaning supplies, multifunctional tool kits, storage cards, and shutter cables. These items are chosen based on his specific requirements and are streamlined to avoid unnecessary weight, ensuring they do not hinder his travel plans.

The Often-Overlooked Travel Adapter

While cameras and lenses are crucial, one accessory that is often overlooked but equally important is the travel adapter. A reliable travel adapter is indispensable for a global photographer like Klum, who must always keep his digital devices charged and ready.

The Importance of a Quality Travel Adapter

Universal Compatibility: Different countries have various electrical outlets and voltages. The wrong adapter can prevent you from charging your devices and may even damage them.
Safety Considerations: Low-quality adapters can lead to overheating, short circuits, or electrical fires. It’s crucial to choose a travel adapter that prioritizes safety.
Peace of Mind: Having the right adapter ensures your devices stay charged, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about power issues.
Cost Savings: Investing in a high-quality adapter is cost-effective compared to buying local chargers or converters in each new destination.
Convenience: Modern travel adapters come with built-in USB ports, making it easier to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Klum’s Choice: TESSAN Travel Adapter

Klum endorses the TESSAN travel adapter for its excellent performance and design, which earned it a 2024 MUSE Design Award. This adapter is suitable for use in over 150 countries, featuring an all-in-one design and a built-in GaN chip that enhances charging speed. It is the perfect choice for professionals who need reliable and efficient charging solutions.

Mattias Klum’s Endorsement

“As a photographer, filmmaker, and artist for organizations like National Geographic and The New York Times, I specialize in endangered species, ecosystems at risk, and ethnic minorities in peril. This job takes me to countries all over the world, often in challenging conditions. I need to trust my gear—from cameras, tripods, and waterproof cases to storage media and accessories. Tessan WTA Series adapters are a natural choice for me. Durable and adaptable. A professional tool for professionals.” — Mattias Klum



Professional photographers like Mattias Klum reveal the unseen aspects of our world, deepening our understanding of nature and humanity. By sharing his gear and travel essentials, Klum demystifies the tools that make his work possible. Preparing with the right equipment, including a reliable travel adapter, is crucial for aspiring travel photographers. Ensure you’re ready for your next adventure by investing in quality gear that meets your needs.

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