Unique Things To Do In Michigan

When it comes to environmental diversity, it’s hard to beat the state of Michigan. It’s not just the landscapes that offer variety, either. There’s something here for everyone to enjoy, and with the right planning, you’ll be able to cram in a lot more fun. Michigan is a beautiful state with something for everyone!

What’s So Great About Michigan?

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Ideal in the summer thanks to an incredible warm spell, Michigan offers sprawling cities for those that prefer the hustle and bustle, while also being home to some unique natural beauty spots for those wanting to get back to nature. Whether you’re a city-dweller or country bumpkin, Michigan is sure to impress.

If you’re heading to Michigan, here are some of the more unique things that you should be checking out. There’s a lot to see, so make sure to plan your trip thoroughly. 

Exploring the Lakes

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Michigan borders four of the North American Great Lakes, and Fife Lake is certainly worth having a closer look at. This is the ideal destination for those that want to mix busy downtown shopping with a little more physical adventuring. With an amazing shoreline, you can enjoy some snowboarding in the winter months, or some camping, fishing, or swimming when it’s a little warmer. If you are looking for somewhere to stay, there are some beautiful Fife Lake vacation rentals available. You don’t need to travel far to find the experience you’re looking for.

The best way to see these lakes is to road trip from one to another. You should then find comfortable accommodation so that you do not have to rush from A to B, but can relax and take in the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

Stroll Through History

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For history buffs, it’s going to be hard to beat Greenfield Village. Located just outside of Detroit, it’s the home of some of the most recognizable names in American history. Not only can you get to visit the home of the Wright Brothers, but Thomas Edison’s labs are also in Greenfield, and tours are available for both.

You can also have a look at the Henry Ford Museum, and if you’re looking for some more adrenaline-fueled fun to do, then you can even go for a ride in an original Model-T.

Explore Shipwrecks

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The Great Lakes have seen their share of shipping accidents, and the fact that the wrecks remain deep in the waters is great news for explorers. Take a tour on a glass-bottomed boat, and you’ll be able to spot those wrecks without even getting your toes wet. Head to the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and sign up for a tour.

The town of Alpena has more than that, though, and after your boating fun, you can enjoy a more sedate stroll through the delightful streets, or even visit the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center if you want more boat-related history. If this isn’t enough, visit the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum; explore the sailors and ships, as well as the oldest operating lighthouse in Lake Superior.

Mackinac Island

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Located in Lake Huron, Mackinac Island is a wonderful place to explore. You can hike through woods and stumble across the limestone Arch Rock formation that covers most of the island. One notable destination is the Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum which houses local works from Native Americans as well as 19th-century photos. This is a tourist hotspot and one you should not miss out on.

Make you trip to Mackinac Island much more special with a horse-drawn carriage. You can ride through the Mackinac Island State Park while seeing some of the most historical sights.  This is a great way to relax and see the Island in style. You should also cross the Mackinac Bridge (although not on a horse). There are many panoramic views of the island and lake from this bridge.

Keweenaw Peninsula

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The Keweenaw Peninsula is the northernmost part of Michigan, with many sights to be seen. The first copper boom was found here, making this a historical landmark. There is also a growing popularity with many people coming to live here, but also proving a popular tourist spot.

There’s a lot of history to be had here, with the oldest and largest lava flow being located in the Keweenaw Peninsula. There are many heritage sites to see, such as the Adventure Mining Company, the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum and Calumet Theatre. 

Tahquamenon Falls

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It might be hard to pronounce, but it’s not hard to fall in love with the beauty of Tahquamenon Falls. Michigan is the home of over 200 waterfalls, but nothing quite rivals the two popular ones here. This is the ideal spot for adventurer types who don’t mind a little hiking. You can either camp overnight or stay in a hotel, but either way, you get to experience some of the most stunning sights in the US.

If you’re happy to be left behind while your party heads for a four-mile hike, relax in the Tahquamenon Falls brewery, where you can try some beer samples.

Stargazing Opportunities

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Look to the skies when in Michigan. There are many clear skies for you to indulge in, with the cover of darkness becoming a bit brighter due to the stars gracing you during night-time. Rural settings are the best places to go, where there is a lot less light pollution from the cities and towns.

Head to the Dark Sky Preserves, where light pollution is at its lowest around the Great Lakes. This means you can see many stars but are also more likely to witness planets, a Milky Way and the aurora borealis. You should also head to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and the Headlands International Dark Sky Park.

Concluding Unique Things to Do In Michigan

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Michigan really does have something to satisfy everyone. For family adventures or some solo traveling, Michigan has everything you’re looking for and then some more. You can camp, road trip, or visit a lone city and stay there for a week or two. Don’t miss out on one of the best states in the country.

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