How to Make the Most of Munich Oktoberfest

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Discover the best tips for visiting Munich Oktoberfest and make the most of this amazing festival. Plan your trip like a pro!

Oktoberfest offers a chance to discover Munich and other amazing parts of Germany. Most people’s impression of the festival is that it is a beer-soaked brawl. If you watch movies, the impression is that the festival is all about drinking beer. 

However, the festival offers a chance to learn about Munich’s cultural heritage and experience Bavarian cuisine. Oktoberfest offers amazing memories that will be unforgettable. Read on for our tips for visiting Munich Oktoberfest

Enjoy all the activities in Munich during Oktoberfest. Photo by FooTToo via iStock by Getty Images

Tips to Make Your Trip to Oktoberfest Memorable 

To have a fun-filled Oktoberfest experience, there are certain things you must do right. Check out these Oktoberfest tips below.

Book hotels early. Booking hotels a few days before the festival is not a good idea. Because of the rush of visitors, you may not get affordable hotels. Interestingly, Oktoberfest has more than 6 million visitors annually. Most people who have attended Oktoberfest in the past said they had to book their hotels eight months before the festival to get the best accommodation. 

Dress like the locals. Dressing like the locals puts you in the festival mode. The traditional dressing of the Bavarians is lederhosen and dirndls. Meanwhile, the best place to buy the local outfit is when you get to the venue. Some visitors make the mistake of buying local outfits from online platforms. When you buy from locals, you have to check if it fits you, and you have so many patterns to choose from. Also, the quality of the dress lasts long if you keep it well.  

Buy tickets early. Buying Oktoberfest tickets early is also a good idea if you are in a large group. Ensure you reserve tickets if you are in a group of more than nine people. Usually, a picnic-style table is arranged for ten people. Seating on the tables is free, but to get a seat, you have to buy beer. A table reservation at the Oktoberfest costs between 100 and 200 Euros. 

Pace yourself. Many people come to the Oktoberfest to drink a lot of beer. Interestingly, many people don’t know that seasonal Oktoberfest brews are stronger than traditional beer. You need to pace your beer consumption so you don’t knock yourself out. Furthermore, beer at Oktoberfest is served in one liter. Therefore, if you are not a heavy drinker, one liter of beer may seem too much. 

Eat the local food. Why would you come for the Oktoberfest and not try local delicacies? The diet in Bavaria is good for drinking beer. You may not find your regular meals, but the food at the Oktoberfest tastes nice. You can also find several snacks like sausage, sandwiches, etc. 

Enjoy local foods during Oktoberfest. Photo by Rimma_Bondarenko via iStock by Getty Images

When You Visit Oktoberfest 

The whole idea of the Oktoberfest festival is to learn more about the culture of the Bavarians. Several Oktoberfest packages are available if you want a travel agent to help you plan. Some include hotel accommodations, transportation, etc. You can plan your Oktoberfest trip with this travel company called Stoke Travel.

Remember, the Oktoberfest festival is over 200 years old and is an international event. With so much excitement over Oktoberfest, be sure you plan ahead to attend the 18-day Munich Oktoberfest.

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