Exploring The Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean is known to be one of the most beautiful destinations to holiday in. Not just for the locals and tourists, the Caribbean Islands are also the home away from home for celebrities. Here are some of the famous islands that the stars choose to go to and unwind.


Barbados is renowned for being lively and energetic especially because of the vibrant culture. Celebrities often visit the west coast of Barbados, home to beautiful beaches, luxury accommodations, exquisite restaurants and much more. When exploring the islands, make sure to fly with InterCaribbean Airways as it is one of the top airlines that offer Caribbean flights.


Treasure Beach, Jamaica | Image by Caspar Rae via Unsplash

Jamaica attracts stars such as Usain Bolt and Drake because of the island’s natural beauty and vibrant culture, not forgetting the luxury of the pristine private beaches and green landscape.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands attracts stars such as Taylor Swift and Tom Cruise because of the island’s relaxing and adventurous atmosphere.


Oprah Winfrey and Robert De Niro are among the top celebrities who fly to Antigua as the island offers serenity, tranquillity and luxury. Antigua has 365 beaches, and that means you have a beach to visit every single day of the year.