Unlocking Gen-Z Travel Trends in Hospitality

Those born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s – yep, Gen Z – are taking the travel world by storm, and their impact is undeniable. This tech-savvy, eco-conscious generation is reshaping hospitality with unique priorities that are forcing the industry to adapt. Buckle up, travel enthusiasts, because things are about to get interesting!

Image via Minor Hotels

Insta-Worthy Stays

Forget just ticking places off a bucket list. For Gen Z, travel is about capturing those brag-worthy moments and sharing them with the world. Picture dreamy hotels of major hotel chains with infinity pools overlooking spellbinding sunsets or unique experiences that scream wanderlust for the “gram”. It’s all about creating envy-inducing content that fuels the travel bug… and gets those double taps flowing!

Prioritising Sustainability

Gen Z isn’t just about posting envy-inducing pics; they’re also environmentally conscious. Sustainable practices are a major deciding factor when choosing a destination or hotel. Hospitality brands such as Minor Hotels that adopt eco-friendly initiatives, remain committed to corporate sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint, and focus on community development win big with this generation.

Pop-Culture Pilgrimages

Move over traditional sightseeing, because pop-culture tourism is taking over! From exploring the Hogwarts filming locations to sipping coffee at Central Perk (yes, it’s a real thing!), Gen Z craves immersive experiences that connect them with their favourite shows, movies, and books. It’s all about reliving beloved storylines and bonding with fellow fans, creating a unique travel adventure unlike any other.


With the rise of remote work (especially after the pandemic), Gen Z has redefined vacations. Enter the workcation: the perfect blend of professional productivity and exotic getaways! Imagine working poolside in Bali or brainstorming with colleagues amidst the old-world charm of Italy. This generation embraces the flexibility of the digital age, blurring the lines between work and travel for a truly fulfilling experience.