Enjoy the Top Art Galleries in Koh Samui

Beyond its idyllic beaches and lively nightlife, Koh Samui boasts a thriving art scene waiting to be explored. Whether you are a seasoned collector or simply an art admirer seeking a unique cultural experience, these top galleries offer something for everyone.

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Gallery La Fayette

A Chaweng institution for over 20 years, Gallery La Fayette has captivated art lovers with its exquisite portraits and detailed reproductions. Led by a team of talented artists, the gallery which is close to Avani Chaweng Samui Hotel & Beach Club showcases a beautiful blend of modern and classic themes, often incorporating rich Thai cultural influences. Their oil-on-canvas creations range from original pieces to high-quality reproductions, catering to both casual art enthusiasts and established collectors.

Next Level Art Gallery

Located at Central Samui, Next Level Art Gallery is a haven for contemporary art enthusiasts who should definitely look to add visiting it to their list of things to do in Chaweng. Dedicated to fostering the local arts community, the gallery displays a diverse collection encompassing paintings, photography, and sculptures. From emerging talents to established names, Next Level offers a dynamic showcase of modern artistic expression. They even host workshops, artist talks, and exhibitions, making it a hub for cultural immersion.

The Modern Thai Art Gallery

Billed as Koh Samui’s first art gallery, the Modern Thai Art Gallery offers a glimpse into the heart of contemporary Thai art. Their collection features renowned artists showcasing stunning Buddha-inspired portraits and a range of contemporary styles. The gallery excels at reproductions, offering both pre-made options and customisable pieces. Delve deeper into local culture through their diverse artworks, featuring animals, landscapes, temples, and portraits of the Thai people.

Art Samui Museum

Prepare for an interactive adventure at the unconventional Art Samui Museum. This unique gallery boasts a collection of captivating artworks that blur the lines between art and illusion. Unlike traditional galleries where you engage in passive observation, Art Samui Museum encourages active engagement. Their collection is brimming with “trick art” installations, providing an immersive experience that makes for captivating photos too!