7 Top Hotels with Hot Springs Across California

This is a guest post by Ursula Tullos, an avid traveler who explores the globe, staying at a variety of hotels and Airbnbs. Her extensive experience in diverse accommodations gives her a keen eye for quality and unique experiences.

Take a breather and experience tranquility this weekend at premier hot spring resorts in California. Harness the therapeutic benefits of mineral-rich waters renowned for fostering equilibrium and wellness within. It’s time to indulge in an indispensable rejuvenation of mind and body. Prepare for a retreat that promises restoration. Say farewell to your daily routine and welcome serenity at California’s finest sanctuaries of relaxation. Book your transformational escape today.

Indian Springs Resort and Spa

Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and wonder at the Indian Springs Resort and Spa. Nestled in the upper reaches of the scenic Napa Valley, this historical gem invites guests to savor an unmatched combination of wellness and astronomical admiration as they immerse themselves in our expansive, geothermal-heated mineral pool, open to the enchanting night sky until the stroke of midnight.

The grandeur of our Olympic-sized pool, one of the state’s most generous in size and naturally warmed by subsurface geysers, is just the beginning. For a more secluded retreat, adults can seclude themselves in a secondary pool, brimming with the same rejuvenating mineral-rich waters.

Sierra Hot Springs

Indulge in a serene, starlit dip in the Sierra Hot Springs’ outdoor pool, where the water simmers between 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit—an ideal retreat just on the cusp of Tahoe National Forest. Follow your tranquil swim with a restful night in the comforts of the Main Lodge, which offers five distinct rooms. For day visitors, the nearby Globe Hotel, located a mere mile away, provides an idyllic overnight option. For the full nature experience, consider reserving one of their rustic campsites for an authentic digital detox—recreational vehicles are heartily welcomed. Complete your rejuvenating escape with a soothing massage or Watsu session, available by prior arrangement.

You know that sometimes hotels can be replaced with accommodation? Moreover, there is a convenient tool for this, the Airbnb service, with many filters. But first, you should know whether Airbnb is safe and what potential risks you may face. This way you can prepare for the unexpected and find the perfect hot springs accommodation.

El Morocco Inn and Spa

Indulge in the essence of North Africa at the enchanting El Morocco Inn and Spa, nestled in the serene landscapes of Desert Hot Springs. Here, tranquility is redefined as you bask in the natural geothermal waters, embraced by the rich traditions of Moroccan culture. The inn’s commitment to authenticity resonates through each of its 13 guest rooms, adorned with genuine Moroccan decor, and contributes to a greater cause — supporting the skilled artisans of Morocco through partnerships with local women’s co-operatives.

Escape life’s hustle and find your sanctuary amid the verdant Spa Garden under the shade of an authentic Moroccan tent. Sway gently in a hammock, surrendering to the oasis’s calm, or invigorate your senses in the infrared sauna, followed by a selection of bespoke massage and body treatments designed to renew and uplift.

Two Bunch Palms

Step into the historic Two Bunch Palms, once a hidden haven for notorious gangster Al Capone, and now a serene wellness destination. Sprawling across 77 acres of blissful tranquility, this desert oasis is meticulously curated to promote well-being and joy. The heart of the resort, a grotto fed by the Desert Hot Springs aquifer, offers two inviting pools where guests can bask in the therapeutic benefits of naturally mineral-infused waters.

The on-site spa is a sanctuary of relaxation, offering a diverse range of treatments including rejuvenating mud baths and the gentle embrace of Watsu therapy pools. The focus on wellness extends across the property with nature trails for peaceful hikes, a yoga dome for spiritual connection, tennis courts for the active spirit, an expansive lap pool for refreshing swims, and a state-of-the-art fitness center to invigorate the body.

Sycamore Mineral Springs

Set amidst the splendor of a hundred-acre sanctuary on the Central California Coast, Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort stands as a premier retreat for hot spring enthusiasts. With the spellbinding natural vistas of the region as your backdrop, this resort offers the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation, thanks to its naturally restorative mineral waters.

Accommodations here cater to a diverse range of preferences, featuring an array of rooms and suites to choose from, and yes, your four-legged friends are welcome here in select pet-friendly accommodations. Each guest space comes equipped with an array of creature comforts and indulgent amenities, the highlight being a private mineral spring hot tub—your own secluded haven for soaking up the serene ambiance.

Sky Valley Resort

Escape into the serene oasis of Sky Valley Resort, where 13 steaming mineral pools await to melt away your stress. Nestled a short 25-minute drive from the vibrant Palm Springs, California, Sky Valley offers an escape to a starlit sky away from the city’s hustle. Choose from the comfort of your RV or the cozy luxury of our vacation rentals for your stay. Engage in lively activities including pickleball, tennis, water volleyball, aerobics, and golf, or explore the natural beauty along numerous hiking trails. Discover relaxation and adventure at Sky Valley Resort!

Vichy Springs Resort

Immerse yourself in the heavenly serenity of Vichy Springs Resort, a historic gem established in 1854. Nestled within a blissful setting, our resort invites you to unwind in charming accommodations—be it in our cozy rooms or private cottages. Surrender to the delights of our renowned warm, carbonated mineral baths, revered for their soothing qualities since time immemorial. Drawn from six miles deep, these therapeutic waters are infused with a rich concentration of carbon dioxide, offering you an invigorating spa experience. After indulging in the spas, bask in the sun by our Olympic-size pool or meander through the sprawling 700 acres of idyllic landscapes that envelop our property. Escape the ordinary and elevate your well-being at Vichy Springs Resort.


California boasts a collection of exquisite hot spring hotels and resorts, each presenting a distinct array of services and amenities to satisfy diverse guests. Though the hotels mentioned here are ideal for jumpstarting your thermal pool getaway, selecting the ideal hotel hinges on your individual taste. You might even choose accommodation rather than a hotel stay. Again, you need to focus on your requests and needs. But with a high probability, one of the listed hotels will suit you perfectly.