Escape to Sevierville: Hike, Explore, and Fall in Love with the Smokies

Do you want to take a romantic getaway to the Smokies and are looking for a home base? Maybe something closer than Townsend, not as intense as Gatlinburg, and not as Dollywood as Pigeon Forge? Look no further; an adventurous, romantic getaway to Sevierville is the answer! It’s close enough to enjoy everything but secluded enough to find some romantic time for your next couple’s trip.

Even though you might not have heard of Sevierville (pronounced “Severe-ville”), it’s the 8th oldest city in Tennessee. It’s also home to John Sevier (First governor of Tennessee) and Dolly Parton. When it became the county seat in 1795, it was a farming and logging community. After the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it’s now a tourist hub. As they say – ‘Your Smokies Start Here’.

Keep reading to discover adventurous and romantic things to do in Sevierville while paying homage to its Appalachian heritage. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of good things to eat and charming places to stay. It’s no wonder it made #1 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the U.S. in 2017.

Romantic Things to Do in Sevierville

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Sevierville is so full of romantic things to do that it’s hard to choose. At Coleman Concierge, we plan our trips activity and adventure first and then fill in the details with where to stay and what to eat. Sevierville is an outdoor lover’s dream.

Get a Relaxing Massage

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Nothing says romance more than a massage, and the Spa at Oak Haven Resort is the best in the valley.

Walking in, I noticed how cute the spa was like a perfect little cabin nestled in the Oak Haven Resort near the pool. The treatment rooms were modern and well-equipped. My therapist, Dan, was excellent at assessing my individual needs and performing a tailored massage treatment to address my specific needs and problem areas. It’s no wonder they have all those 5-star reviews.

Go on Wine and Spirit Tours

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If you’re looking for love, there’s a saying that liquor is quicker. I don’t know about all that, but Sevierville has an outstanding wine and spirit scene. I explored the Rocky Top Wine Trail, which is a collaboration of five local wineries offering over 75 unique, high-quality wines. I got my passports stamped by three locations, which earned a free souvenir wine glass to take home each.

I also learned how to make two classic southern cocktails while in Sevierville, the Southern Bees Knees (a simple cocktail made with in-house Yenoh Honey Spirit, honey simple syrup, soda water, and a bit of lime) and a Tennessee Mule Kick (a mule made with an agave spirit named Tennekeela). They were so good, but knew I had to go easy or I would be sorry in the morning!

Enjoy Some Appalachian Appreciation

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No trip to Sevierville is complete without exploring the town’s cultural past. Tennessee was the original frontier in America, where settlers tamed the Appalachian Mountains. It’s at the crossroads of the South and Midwest, creating a harmonious blend of tastes and cultures. At one time, eastern Tennessee, including Sevierville, claimed the status of the Independent State of Franklin. Even though the State of Franklin was never officially recognized, that pioneer spirit lives on today.

Try Fly Fishing

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I also learned to fly fish with Smoky Mountain Angler. A little secret about fishing, it isn’t always about catching fish. Casting flies is rhythmic and soothing like you’re dancing in nature. Spending a morning on the river, you learn to think like a fish. Imagining where they’ll hide and what they’re eating connects you to nature. Even though I didn’t land anything, I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Take a Walking Tour of Sevierville

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I learned so much on my guided walking tour of Sevierville. I even had the opportunity to meet the artists from Smoky Mountain Mural Co. behind the newest mural depicting Dolly as a child at the local soda fountain. The City of Sevierville regularly hosts guided walking tours, but you will want to make a reservation.

Even without a guide, you’ll enjoy exploring downtown. Sevierville is actively installing public art like the iconic Dolly Parton statue and a variety of murals. If you’re an art lover, be sure to check out the galleries in Sevierville like the Robert Tino Gallery.

Visit the Tennessee Museum of Aviation

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Just outside of town is the Tennessee Museum of Aviation. Now girls, listen to me. Your man will love this place, and you’ll get yours later They have not one, but two airworthy P-47s. My husband, Ed, was geeking out when he heard this. He says these classic warbirds were in WWII.

The Luftwaffe didn’t know what hit them when these huge fighters came screaming down from above with eight 50-caliber machine guns blazing. They had one of the fastest dive rates of any allied aircraft, even though they dwarf all the base’s Spitfires. What’s more, they were so heavily armored that they could take twice the bullets of any other plane in the air and still fly the next day. #thingsmenlove

Adventurous Things to Do in Sevierville

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Long time readers know our tagline – ‘Amazing Adventures of Ordinary People’. Even on romantic getaways, we’re looking for fun things to do. Sevierville didn’t disappoint our adrenaline addiction.

Ride the Biggest Zipline in the Smokies

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I don’t know about you, but ziplines make me feel like snuggling, after a shower, of course. The Goliath Tour at Foxfire Mountain was super intense and super fun. It’s the longest, highest, and fastest zipline in the Smokies. You fly at speeds up to 55 MPH suspended 475′ above the valley floor. I loved how you’d clear the trees, and the valley would drop out beneath you. I felt like I was flying…that is until I went flying in a classic biplane with Sky High Air Tours.

Soar Over Sevierville

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Marc Hightower at Sky High Air Tours took me for the 15-minute Foothills Flight in his 1927 Waco open cockpit biplane. I couldn’t believe the view as we explored the Smokies from the air. The pilot sits in the back, with two seats upfront, which is perfect for a romantic flight.

On a personal note, I loved meeting Marc and hearing how his professional journeys took him from boat captain to divemaster to barnstorming pilot. If there’s a cooler guy in Sevierville, I didn’t meet him!

Take a Day Trip From Sevierville

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Sevierville’s prime location at the base of the Smokies makes it perfect for day-trips into the mountains. We pulled together a 12-piece waterfall tour of Great Smoky Mountains National Park that highlights the outstanding hiking in the Smokies. If you love biking (or scenic drives or historic cabins), you’ll love the Cades Cove Loop. It takes less time to drive to Cades Cove from Sevierville than Gatlinburg, and that’s not counting the (intense) traffic on the Parkway.

Gatlinburg is only a 1/2 hour drive from Sevierville. It’s easy to pop in for Gatlinburg’s best, including the aerial rides over town, and over 100 artisans on the 8-mile loop through the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community. You could even make a full day loop heading out through Townsend in the morning to Cades Cove and then returning through Gatlinburg in the evening, hitting all the highlights along the way.

Enjoy Restaurants in Sevierville Tn

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One of my favorite experiences in Sevierville was all of the delicious food. It was an extension of the Appalachian Appreciation tour, except for your stomach with a touch of down-home southern cuisine and fresh farm-to-table midwestern goodness. My favorite restaurants in Sevierville include:

Holston’s Kitchen: Quality food in a casual setting. From hand-cut ribeyes to scrumptious sides, Hoston’s will make the whole family happy.

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant: Highlights include their tender slow-roasted pot roast or their signature fried chicken. Every meal comes with a complimentary Apple Fritters basket with their homemade Apple Butter and Applewood Julep with apples grown in their own orchards.

Graze Burger: Farm to table restaurant featuring 100% all-natural grain-fed burgers that are always fresh and never frozen. As a matter of fact, the only thing in their freezer is ice cream!

Find Romantic Places to Stay in Sevierville

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I had almost a full week in town, so I found three wonderful places to stay in Sevierville. My first stop was a writer’s workshop held in a massive cabin at the Hidden Mountain Resort. There were seven bedrooms and even a small in-house theater. I loved the luxurious touches like their gourmet kitchen and the views of the valley below. Our seven-bedroom behemoth was perfect for a retreat in the woods, but they have 1 and 2 bedroom units available as well.

After the workshop, I went into town and stayed at the newly renovated Central Hotel. This historic property hosted President Roosevelt in 1940 when he dedicated the Great Smoky National Park and was purchased by the Sevier County Bank in 1968. In fact, the bank vault remains in the building today. All of this history and elegance makes the Central Hotel one of the most unique properties in downtown Sevierville. It was so convenient being walking distance from everywhere I wanted to go to in town too.

Before I left, I tried out the Oak Haven Resort, where I had my incredible massage at the spa. Though adorable, the rooms felt a little cramped by comparison to the 1st cabin I stayed in, but I loved the master bedroom shower and private hot-tub on the porch. It felt similar to the Hidden Mountain Resort, where you can get a cabin in the Smokies that’s part of a larger resort complex. It’s the best of both worlds! I can see why the Smokies are the ‘Wedding Capital of the South’. Either property would be an ideal location for a driving destination wedding.

Wrapping Up My Romantic Getaway to Sevierville

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We can’t wait to come back and visit! There’s something to do in every season in Sevierville. The spring brings baby animals and rushing waterfalls, the summer, long days for hiking and playing. The fall has the Tennessee leaves changing, and the snow transforms the valley into a winter wonderland. Until we meet again, Sevierville – au revoir.​​

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