Singapore on a Budget: Your Ultimate Guide

Singapore, a city-state with endless futuristic ambition, draws travellers with various interests. From culture and history to shopping and natural attractions, there’s so much to do and see here. However, the city is often viewed as an expensive destination. While it’s not entirely untrue, you can explore Singapore without breaking the bank.

Visit During the Low Season

The monsoon season from November to January brings more rainfall compared to other seasons, but tourist numbers are lower during this time, and so are the accommodation rates.

Make the Most of Offers

Accommodation providers like Ann Siang House by The Unlimited Collection offer various packages with discounts and complimentary services. Another way to save money is to make your own meals, which is possible if you stay at a hotel with a kitchen Singapore has to offer.

Use Public Transport

Singapore has an excellent public transportation network. Buses and trains are clean and operate around the clock. For instance, you can get the MRT to almost anywhere in Singapore. Plus, Singapore is a compact city, so you can walk to most attractions depending on the location of your hotel.

Visit Free Attractions

Singapore Botanic Gardens – Image via Flickr

You don’t need to pay an admission fee to enter Singapore Botanic Gardens. Marina Bay Sands Spectra Light and Water Show is a free attraction as well. If you wander through neighbourhoods like Little India, you can enjoy a range of street art.