Tokyo’s Green Spaces

Although Tokyo is often portrayed as a bustling metropolis, let’s just say the city has a greener side of life as well. Among the concrete jungle of buildings and crowded streets are also a few havens of nature perfect for unwinding with family or friends. Here are a few wonderful gardens to visit if you need a break from the urbanity of the city.

Rikugien Gardens 

Situated in the Bunkyo Ward, this garden dates back to the seventeen hundreds. It is famous for its man-made hills, walking paths and the central pond. As one continues to walk through the garden, the scenery begins to change offering new views. Visiting during springtime is a must to view the Shidare Zakura, the weeping cherry blossom trees with their branches heavy with beautiful pink flowers.

Shinjuku Gyoen 

The Edo-era garden is located close to Shinjuku Station and spreads across 145 acres of land. Shinjuku Gyoen consists of about a thousand Sakura trees and 65 species. The garden is a popular spot to visit during the Hanami season (cherry blossom viewing).

Hamarikyu Garden 

For visitors lodged at hotel apartments in Tokyo the likes of lyf Ginza Tokyo, Hamarikyu Garden is a short distance away. Look forward to admiring weeping Sakura trees, Maple trees and even Plum blossoms in the winter.

Kyosumi Garden

Image via Wikimedia Commons – Kakidai, Kiyosumi Teien – Japanese gardern 4, CC BY-SA 4.0

The paths that run through this garden take visitors through the stunning waterscapes. Admire the ponds in which you will spot Koi fish if you look closely enough. Furthermore, the reflection of the greenery on the water is a serene sight too.