Top Art Museums and Galleries in Colombo

Discover Colombo, where art thrives amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. From timeless masterpieces to contemporary expressions, the city boasts a vibrant art scene that captivates and inspires. Explore Colombo’s top art museums and galleries, where every stroke tells a story and creativity knows no bounds.

National Art Gallery

Step into the first State-sponsored art gallery in Sri Lanka, showcasing the works of renowned local artists. Explore three sections housing permanent exhibits and temporary displays, offering a glimpse into the country’s rich artistic heritage.

Colombo National Museum

Delve into Sri Lanka’s past at the largest museum in the country — one of the most sought-after Colombo attractions — featuring galleries dating back to 1877. Marvel at ancient art, carvings, and statues, along with a collection of antique demon masks and 19th-century English paintings depicting Sri Lanka. Those staying at Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts in Colombo can conveniently access the museum via an easy drive.

Barefoot Gallery

Experience the dynamic energy of the Barefoot Gallery, a cornerstone of Colombo’s art scene. Discover exhibitions by local and international artists, installations, concerts, and film nights, all housed within a vibrant space that includes a bookshop, boutique, and café.

Sapumal Foundation

Explore the legacy of Sri Lanka’s art scene at the Sapumal Foundation, home to the famed ’43 Group’s collection. Admire works by Varuni Hunt and take in the artistic ambiance of the auxiliary gallery and studio apartment, welcoming visiting artists from around the world.

Saskia Fernando Gallery

Saskia Fernando Gallery – Image via Time Out

Immerse yourself in the diverse expressions of Sri Lankan artists at the Saskia Fernando Gallery. From established names to emerging talents, the gallery showcases a range of mediums, including installations, sculptures, and paintings. Explore PR, Colombo’s first fashion concept store, offering a curated selection of clothing and accessories with a unique design sensibility.