Manchester’s Best Kept Secrets: A Day of Discovery Beyond the Airport

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Manchester is a city that holds a significant place in the history and evolution of the UK. All lovers of British culture should explore this northern city. Take your time to plan your next road trip there, and you won’t be disappointed. You might even need an entire day to discover Manchester’s best-kept secrets in the vicinity of the airport. In this article, we are here to tell you all about the hidden treasures that await you at Manchester Airport. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Manchester Airport Parking

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Explore the Manchester Airport Area

Various means of public transport travel to and from Manchester Airport, making the need for a personal car redundant. Buses and trains have their own respective stations within the airport complex and take passengers to various destinations in nearby cities and towns. The same applies to tram services, which also have their own stations on site. For travellers who want more private rides, the options of taxis, hire cars, and private transfers are available.

Manchester’s Best Kept Secrets beyond its Airport

We bet you didn’t expect to find hidden gems surrounding Manchester Airport. Well, there are and here they are.

1.     Jodrell Bank Observatory

Science enthusiasts will have the time of their lives at Jodrell Bank Observatory. This museum is the home to Lovell Telescope, one of the largest radio telescopes in the world. Take advantage of the guided tours to learn everything about the UK’s newest UNESCO World Heritage site.

Jodrell Bank, Cheshire

2.     The Ice Cream Farm

A place that brings genuine joy to children and grown-ups is the Ice Cream Farm. At this brilliant farm, ice cream in over 40 delicious flavours is created and sold. You can use all the newly acquired energy from the ice cream to play with the farm animals or explore the property.

Ice Cream Farm Cheshire, credit Alamy

3.     Tatton Park

Among Manchester’s best kept secrets around the airport is also Tatton Park. This is an enormous property consisting of a neoclassical mansion, a deer park, and a farm. Relaxation and grandeur are seamlessly combined in Tatton Park.

Tatton Park, credit: Events Made Simple

Discover even more historic gems and natural treasures surrounding Manchester Airport by simply exploring its website. A truly memorable day of discovery awaits you.

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