Best camping spots in the UAE part 3 | Al Aqah Fujairah

This camping spot in Al Aqah Fujairah has been my favourite for years. The first time I went here was almost 12 years ago, when I was still new in the UAE and this spot, while popular back then, wasn’t half as crowded as it is today. The eco-system has also evolved drastically since then – while there was only one hotel in the vicinity – Sandy Beach and Resort, Al Aqah, which has several restaurants (and access to a washroom, for those which was a relief for those not keen on roughing it out), with time, several other hotels have popped up in the area, and the access to these facilities within the hotels has now been restricted to the hotel guests only, not to overnight beach campers.

Yet, there’s still something magical about the public beach near Snoopy Island. The views of the ocean and Snoopy Island are breathtaking, and you can pitch your tent right by the waves, not something a lot of camping sites will offer. What’s more, for the alcohol enthusiasts, there’s a liquor store nearby—pretty convenient, right? Sure, it gets packed on winter weekends, but catching the sunrise and sunset here makes it all worthwhile.

Two hotels, Royal M and Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort are located right next to this public beach camping spot, which is known today to be the most popular spot in the UAE. So, if you’re after a secluded escape, this might not be your best bet. But if you’re all about the lively atmosphere, stunning views (even if there aren’t fancy facilities), then this spot is where it’s at. Oh, and don’t forget Snoopy Island—it’s a snorkeler’s and diver’s paradise due to the presence of abundant marine life.

Beware of pitching your tent too close to the sea – the tide can get high during late night hours, so maintain your distance. You do not need a 4×4 to reach this location, although if you do have one, you will benefit by being able to park right next to your tent, in the deep sand. For sedans and smaller cars, there’s ample parking space close to the beach area. For toilets, if you’re very particular about going to a ‘proper’ one (and not the open space that is the gift of nature), try the liquor store (but don’t expect too much cleanliness from it) or the petrol station which is a 5-min drive from the spot.