Healing Holidays

There is nothing better than a detox retreat to boost your energy level and cleanse your body. Get rid of toxins and impurities that are weighing you down, causing physical and mental health problems. Renew your body to a whole new level amid the bustling city of Kalutara, located in the south-west zone of Sri Lanka.

Photo by Miriam Alonso via pexels

Defining detoxing

Visitors will find many things to do in Kalutara as it offers a variety of tourist attractions. Of late detoxing has become one of the top items on many visitors’ to-do lists as it is the perfect way to revitalize your mind and body. Our body suffers from many toxins thanks to the fast-paced world of modern technology that we live in. A detox treatment not only controls stress and safeguards your skin health, but it also helps to curb unhealthy food habits and revamp your energy.

Detoxing treatments

Detox retreats like Turyaa Kalutara offer a wide variety of treatments at its Aayu Spa. Indulge in massages, body scrubs and body wraps. Refresh yourself in steam rooms. All of these treatments are designed to give you a holistic wellness experience and escapism from your active lifestyle. If you are one with nature, experience the wellness of a range of ancient ayurvedic treatments to infuse goodness into your body and soul.

Wellness food

Immunity-boosting, plant-based meals play a major role in detox diets and are mostly sourced organically. The delicious low-calorie specialized meals on offer will help you kick-start healthy eating habits.

Practice yoga

Although yoga has been around for years, there is no doubt that it has gained immense popularity in the modern world. Known to eliminate physical and mental impurities, yoga helps to maintain one’s optimum health with ease. This is mainly what sets it apart from exercise which is aimed at improving physical fitness. The yoga styles are chosen by trainers to suit your requirements. They can be challenging but not overwhelming.