Top 6 Obvious Yet Life-Saving Tips For Dubai Travelers

This is a guest post by Dziana Tamkova, a Dubai resident for more than a decade and a car enthusiast. Passionate about writing content that delights and inspires audiences, her knowledge of the city equips her to write credible pieces and bring travelers important insights and information to make their trips smooth & easygoing. 

Trips are a particularly pleasant form of leisure for many of us. You’ve probably experienced more than once how important it is to carefully prepare for trips. Especially carefully you need to prepare for long-distance trips, because a different mentality and the absence of all the usual life can cripple you on the journey. Sometimes inexperienced travelers may not pay attention to important things. To make sure your trip to Dubai went well, let’s see what you should do before you go on the road. Let’s go!

1 – Transport

Transport is the main engine of travel. It is transport that sets the mood at the very beginning of the journey. If you choose the right type of movement from the very beginning, your trip can be filled with bright colors and amazing emotions! As for Dubai, the choice here is quite obvious. Car rental services will give you a complete feeling of comfort and joy from the trip. Car rental is also profitable for those who travel for a long time. Thus, you may go for mercedes g63 rental starting from 400$ – this is really very profitable for a hired car of this size and class. Car rental services provide a wide selection of cars! Even if you like to drive not only comfortably, but also eco-friendly, look at the rented Tesla, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised!

2 – Health

Health needs to be closely monitored not only in everyday life, but also during relaxation – when traveling. Don’t forget to take a first aid kit. It must certainly contain painkillers, remedies for all digestive troubles, a patch, medications that you need according to medical indications, as well as vitamin complexes, if you take them.

And, of course, don’t forget about SPF! Dubai is a very hot place, here you need to show maximum attention and care to the skin of the face and body, temperature and body pressure.

3 – Control

Dubai Airport has a rather unusual control system: in addition to passing customs and passport controls, the retina is also scanned here. Your data is entered into the state register, and if you commit a crime and are deported from the country, you will definitely never come back. The procedure itself is completely painless and short-lived. You will have to wait for your turn for no more than five minutes.

4 – Savings

For those tourists who need savings, there are several life hacks. Do not buy tours, excursions. It’s much more interesting to do everything yourself. Yes, we need to plan a little more, but we are saving, so go ahead! Sightseeing tours are mostly a waste of time. You can borrow a map with marked locations from the guides.

Don’t forget, there are a lot of guides available on the internet right now, you can find a route to explore Dubai according to your needs. Do not buy souvenirs if you took a bus tour and you were brought to some special places. There the prices are much higher. Moving a little away from the center, you will find everything the same, but cheaper.

5 – Mindfulness and safety

To always be sure of your safety, find out where the embassy of your country is located. This is relevant not only for visiting the Arab Emirates, but also for any other trip. In case of loss of documents, you will need to contact the embassy.

5 – Traveling with animals

Traveling with animals always requires a lot of attention and time. Dubai is not an exception. As for the Arab Emirates, to import pets, you need to get permission from the UAE Ministry of Environment. The imported pet must have an international veterinary certificate indicating all vaccinations and their dates.

Dubai is an awesome city where locals live life to the fullest, having fun on desert buggies, climbing skyscrapers, buying brands. Let yourself unleash this life too. Tune yourself only to the positive; discard the worries that something will go wrong with you. Force majeure happens in all journeys, the main thing is your attitude. Take everything as an adventure, approach the situation with humor. Only positive emotions! Happy travels and unforgettable impressions to you.