Why Sunglasses are the Ultimate Travel Accessory

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As you plan your vacation, remember your sunglasses! They’re fashionable and protect your eyes. Here’s why you must travel with sunglasses. 

When planning your trips for this year, you can’t forget accessories on top of the usual travel essentials like a first-aid kit and toiletries. As illustrated in a previous post, accessories like jewelry and a hat can help you create a cohesive and glamorous look, especially if you visit the Caribbean and soak up the rays at the beach.

But regardless of where you plan to travel, an extremely versatile accessory that must be part of your packing list is a pair of sunglasses. Beyond being lightweight and easy to pack, here are the key reasons sunglasses are the ultimate travel companion you shouldn’t leave at home.

Travel with sunglasses to protect your eyes. Photo by yellow2j via DepositPhotos

Sunglasses Minimize UV Damage

Starting with its practical purpose, sunglasses help shield your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can otherwise damage your retina and compromise your vision. Whether on a beach holiday in Ibiza or touring historical cities in Italy, you must wear your sunglasses outdoors since UV rays are present no matter where or when you travel.

Don’t forget sunglasses for everyone in the family. Photo by AndreyPopov via DepositPhotos

Additionally, an article in Real Simple notes the importance of checking sunglasses labels to confirm you’re getting maximum UV protection. Trusted brands and retailers typically offer frames with 100% UVA- and UVB-absorbent protection, while the label UV400 essentially provides the same level of UV protection by absorbing wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

Specialized Lenses Enhance Your Travel Experience

Sunglasses can also come with specialized lenses to suit your vision and lifestyle needs. Instead of getting a regular pair, you can purchase polarized sunglasses that reduce glare by blocking horizontally polarized light. Eyewear retailer Eyebuydirect explains that this feature makes sunglasses clearer and more suitable for outdoor vacation activities such as fishing, water sports, hiking, and skiing.

If you have vision impairments like myopia or astigmatism, consider prescription sunglasses to avoid choosing between vision correction and sun protection. A Sight for Sport Eyes has prescription options for their range of sunglasses specifically designed for outdoor and active use — allowing you to enhance your travel experience with visual clarity when you go on a biking tour in Vietnam, for instance.

Pick sunglasses that fit your activities and your eye needs. Photo by monkeybusiness via DepositPhotos

The Right Pair Can Elevate Your Style

The wide range of designs also means you can select a pair that perfectly fits your outfits and overall style. Aside from picking sunglasses that match your face shape, you can opt for a frame color and material that complements your wardrobe, such as grey metal frames for neutral yet sophisticated outfits.

Sunglasses can help elevate your style. Photo by massonforstock via DepositPhotos

Also, you’ll be able to pick styles that highlight your outfit for your chosen destination. For example, you’d want wraparounds or oversized sunglasses to not only match your swimwear but also provide maximum coverage in sun-soaked islands like Crete in Greece.

Wearing Sunglasses Keeps You Healthy and Safe

No matter how tedious your travel planning can get, you may still encounter medical emergencies or accidents along the way. However, wearing sunglasses with the right tint or polarization can help prevent migraines and eye strain caused by outdoor glare or the harsh lighting in planes. If you’re on a road trip across a sunny destination, sunglasses will also be essential to help enhance visual clarity and contrast to reduce the risk of crashes or road accidents.

Invest in a great pair of sunglasses before heading out on your road trip. Photo by legendaphotos via DepositPhotos

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Elevate Your Travel with Sunglasses

Overall, sunglasses provide a wide range of benefits, ranging from safety and practicality to fashion and customization. If you want to go the extra mile when packing, remember to bring an extra pair to ensure you still get all the sun safety and vision protection even if you lose your shades. Now that you have your sunglasses, we invite you to explore Wander With Wonder to begin planning your Spring Break travels or looking for our suggestions for some ideal summer destinations.


Why Sunglasses are the Ultimate Travel Accessory