Only Have 3 Days in Xi’an? Here Is a List of the Must-sees

Xi’an is home to the famous Terracotta Army dating back to Emperor Qin Shi’s time of rule. It is now a modern metropolis that has delicious dishes and plenty of sites to see. Make sure to plan out your trip well beforehand as it is a tourist hotspot, so it is important to decide when to travel.

Where to Stay

It is convenient to stay in the city centre as most of the main attractions are easily accessible by public transport or by car. The city offers a variety of Xian apartments the likes of Lyf Dayanta Xian, whether it be for solo travellers or group travellers.

Day 1: Terracotta Warriors and Tang Dynasty Show

The Terracotta Warriors are usually a very crowded attraction as most people visiting Xi’an come to view them. There are many guided tours that are quite affordable and offer hotel pick up and drop off as well. The Tang Dynasty Show is a beautiful show filled with music, dancing and storytelling that is quite the treat to watch.

Day 2: Huashan Mountain Range

Huashan Mountain Range – Image via Flickr

A trip to this mountain range will take up a full day to make the most out of a visit here. The North Peak can be reached via 3 routes: via cable car, the Gorges trail or the Soldiers’ Path. Most tourists opt for using the cable cars, which provide them with a beautiful view of the range. From the North Peak, there are 4 peaks to visit, which will take about 4 hours to traverse.

Day 3: Exploring Xi’an

On the last day, it is recommended to spend the day exploring the city itself. Visit the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, which houses beautiful carvings and artwork. Climb atop the Xi’an city wall for a beautiful view of the city. Another interesting place to visit is the Muslim Quarter in Xi’an, which is a vibrant area with plenty to eat, see and explore.