The Top 5 Destinations to Visit in China

China, a nation adorned with a rich fusion of tradition and innovation, invites travellers in 2024 to explore its diverse landscapes and historical wonders.

1. Shanghai — Pearl of the Orient

Shanghai, the epitome of modernity, unfolds as the “Pearl of the Orient.” In just 170 years, it transformed from a humble fishing village into China’s largest metropolis. A blend of fashion and history, Shanghai captivates with its skyline, ancient gardens, and vibrant culture, embodying the spirit of contemporary China. To elevate your trip in this lively city, opt for wholesome stays at luxury serviced apartments, available at a selection of DiscoverASR properties.

HALUK COMERTEL, Shanghai-old city-China – panoramio (3), CC BY 3.0

2. Beijing — Ancient Capital’s Splendor

Beijing, with over 3000 years of history, stands as a testament to China’s ancient glory. Home to seven World Heritage Sites, including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, Beijing weaves a narrative of imperial grandeur and cultural richness. A hub of transportation, it’s the gateway to China’s storied past.

3. Zhangjiajie — The Harmony of Nature

Zhangjiajie, a poetic blend of Guilin’s idyllic beauty and Mount Hua’s peril, unfolds as a masterpiece of nature. Quiet, wild, mysterious, beautiful, and elegant, Zhangjiajie captures hearts with its unique landscapes, echoing the diversity of China’s natural wonders.

4. Tibet — Sacred Enigma

Tibet, the soul-stirring and mysterious land, exerts a magical pull on the heart. A journey to Tibet is believed to heal and purify, making it the most sacred destination in China. Explore its monasteries, mountains, and spirituality, as Tibet unveils its profound mysteries.

5. Xian — Gateway to Ancient Marvels

Xian, the cradle of the Terracotta Warriors and the starting point of the Silk Road, invites exploration into China’s ancient history. With vast historical sites and cultural landscapes, Xian offers a glimpse into the roots of Chinese civilisation, a journey through time waiting to be embraced.