How to Explore Mirissa

Situated on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is a haven of tranquillity. It is ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How to Get There

If travelling to one of the Mirissa hotels from Colombo, one can either opt to travel by car, bus or train. As the road to Mirissa is scenic, one would not even feel the time passing by. Generally, this journey would take around 2 hours and 40 minutes if one is travelling via the Southern highway.

Best Time to Visit

While it is possible to visit Mirissa all year round, the best time would be from December to March. That is because while this is the dry season the weather tends to be more pleasant. Although humid, the sun tends to be more forgiving around this time, which makes it ideal to spend the day at the beach. But this pleasant weather would also cause properties such as Vis Ta Vie Mirissa to be fully booked. Therefore, it is advisable to make reservations ahead of time.

Best Attractions to See

Mirissa – Photo by Dinuka Lankaloka on Unsplash

The Mirissa beach is a vision of tranquillity and offers the perfect spot to observe the sunrise and sunset. Along with its breathtaking views, there are many sites to explore in Mirissa. This includes the iconic coconut tree hill, Parrot Rock and the Mirissa beach.

Activities to Undertake

One of the best things to do in Mirissa would be to go Whale watching. There are many boat tours available that you can hop on to watch the whales and dolphins of the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, the waters of Mirissa Beach also offer the perfect site for water sports enthusiasts. From surfing to snorkelling, there are many activities that one can engage in.