My Experience with Airflow Prophylaxis at Affinity Dental Clinics BGC High Street: A Breath of Fresh Air for My Dental Health

I am guilty of neglecting my dental health since the pandemic happened. But I am changing that this 2024! I promise to give my teeth more importance as I am experiencing serious tooth issues.

My basic dental resolution is to have regular cleaning. By regular, it meant going back every 6 months (and not just yearly or so hehe). Honestly, I am not really afraid of dental clinics, but I wasn’t keen on visiting either because it would often take up my day. But then recently, I discovered Affinity Dental Clinics’ Airflow Prophylaxis. It’s a new ‘cutting-edge dental innovation that makes teeth cleaning procedure pain-free, FAST, and of course the most important: EFFECTIVE!

Tried Airflow Prophylaxis for the first time at the Affinity Dental:

Affinity Dental Clinics High Street Mall 

I had my appointment at the Affinity Dental Clinics in BGC, conveniently located inside the One Bonifacio High Street Mall so I can do my usual window shopping and cafe hopping after my treatment and check-up. I’ve been to Affinity Dental’s Alabang and Makati branches, and I must say they’ve been consistent in having extra clean and aesthetic clinics. I was also welcomed with warm smiles upon entering the receiving area, which is plus points, especially if like me it has been a while since your last visit and it can be a bit intimidating!

Affinity Dental in BGC is located at the 4th floor of the One Bonifacio High Street Mall. Their lounge is very comfortable with an amazing view!

I love the minimalist and luxurious feel of this clinic:

While waiting at the lobby, they asked me to fill out a form with my details and dental concerns. These were ALL addressed by my dentist later on.

Affinity Dental BGC High Street has three private dental treatment suites and state of the art equipment. These are the kids room and the Xray room:

Meanwhile, I had my treatment in this spacious and well-lighted room:

Watching BTS Jungkook’s music videos while they were preparing the tools needed for Airflow Prophylaxis:

What is Airflow Prophylaxis?

Airflow Prophylaxis is also a dental cleaning procedure, but they use a very modern and specialized device which emits water, air, and fine cleaning particles to generate a powerful stream that can remove stubborn teeth stains, dental plaque, and biofilm.

The combination of these elements allows a MORE EFFICIENT and LESS ABRASIVE cleaning compared to traditional methods that need scraping. So you can just relax and watch the TV, or snooze a bit (which is what I did hehe). I’ve read somewhere that Airflow Prophylaxis is like a spa for your teeth!

Here are some of the…

Benefits of Airflow Prophylaxis:

1) Efficient Plaque Removal – The high-velocity stream effectively removes plaque and biofilm from the tooth surfaces.

2) Stain Removal – It is particularly effective in removing extrinsic stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco!

3) Reduced Discomfort – For individuals like me with sensitive teeth, or those who find traditional scaling uncomfortable, Airflow Prophylaxis is a gentler option. The method is generally less abrasive, leading to reduced sensitivity during and after the procedure

4) Comprehensive Cleaning – Since it uses water and air, it can access hard-to-reach areas, providing a more thorough cleaning experience.

Why I decided to try Airflow Prophylaxis vs Traditional Cleaning:

As mentioned earlier, Airflow Prophylaxis uses high-velocity stream, so it can reach hard-to-access areas thoroughly yet gently. I find it very efficient and modern, while traditional cleaning still requires manual scaling and scraping, Airflow Prophylaxis is minimally invasive thus less bleeding and sensitivity!

It was also more comfortable for me, the use of advanced dental technologies has finally made dental cleaning relatively pain-free.

With fast and relatively pain-free dental cleaning procedure, I have no excuses anymore why I shouldn’t make dental visits a part of my health priorities!

Details and Rates:

Affinity Dental Clinics BGC High Street 

Address: 4F, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig 

For Inquiries and Appointments, Call or Send a Viber to: 0917-711-1492 



AirFlow Prophylaxis – Php 6000

Panoramic Radiograph (Xray) – Php 1500

Thank you to my dentist Dr. Rhew Tae Jun, Dental Assistant Jayne Loyola, and Patient Care Representative Ms. Jhennie Barrion.

All smiles post-dental cleaning and check-up!