Ten Delicious Henry County Georgia Restaurants You Must Taste To Believe

Henry County, Georgia, is just a little south of Atlanta on I-75. It’s a community of change and progress as well as history and heritage. You find this indelible spirit everywhere, especially within Henry County, Ga restaurants. This article introduces you to the local restaurants of McDonough, Stockbridge, Hampton, and Locust Grove and helps you find the best eats and treats for an I-75 pit stop or weekend getaway.

Green Front Cafe – Stockbridge

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Our tour starts at the first restaurant in Stockbridge and maybe even all of Henry County – the Green Front Cafe. Carrie Mae Hambrick ran the cafe for over 50 years, serving the best southern food with a radical concept that everybody was welcome. Her cornbread was good enough to challenge the color barrier in 1940s Georgia. Her spirit lives on today with an annual celebration – Carrie Mae Hambrick Day, usually observed in early May.

Southern Fusion Dining – Locust Grove

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Southern Fusion Dining offers delicious Southern classics like chicken and waffles or sausage gravy and biscuits. Chef Paul is a fascinating man who taught Mel Gibson to throw hand grenades and first served his collard green eggrolls for Chris Webber’s wedding. Growing up as the youngest of nine siblings, he makes sure nobody goes hungry at Southern Fusion with generous portions served with faith and love.

Sweet Auburn BBQ – McDonough

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Sweet Auburn BBQ serves up a traditional-style barbecue with an Asian twist. You could go straight meat and three style or spice things up with pimento cheese wontons, coconut lemongrass ribs, or smoked brisket egg rolls. Quality ingredients and careful preparation are international languages.

15th Street Pizza & Pub – McDonough

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On the subject of creative cooking, you have to check out the pizza selection at 15th Street Pizza & Pub. They start with hand-tossed dough made fresh daily and your choice of 22 toppings, but why stop there? Have you ever had a wine and cheese, chicken Caesar salad, or chicken bacon ranch pizza? We hadn’t until we ate at 15th Street Pizza. (note: new address is 1927 Jonesboro Rd)

PÜR Zen Mimosa Wine Bar – McDonough

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PÜR Zen Mimosa Wine Bar is next door to 15th Street Pizza. They have an extensive wine and charcuterie selection if you prefer your wine and cheese in a more traditional form factor. Their mimosa flights are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Shane’s Rib Shack – McDonough

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Yes, there really is a Shane, and he started it all in McDonough, Georgia. Today, there are more than 70 locations in 10 states, but you can stop into Shane’s original shack for some of the best casual BBQs around.

Mimi’s Bakery at Southern Belle Farms – McDonough

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Hope you saved room for the famous fried pies and apple cider donuts from Mimi’s Bakery at Southern Belle Farms. Maybe take a stroll through the market, or you pick fields and make room for a scoop of homemade ice cream, too.

Welcome Home Creamery & Coffee – Hampton

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If you’re heading for Henry County adventures at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, like stunt driving school or flying in a vintage helicopter, stop into Welcome Home Creamery and Coffee for award-winning ice cream. Their banana pudding ice cream took third place in the North American Ice Cream Association’s 2022 Flavor of the Year competition, but you will be enthralled with all the creative and delicious choices.

Drip Through Coffee – Stockbridge

Photo Credit: Drip-Thru Coffee.

Henry County is home to the Arabia Mountain Paths, one of the best bike rides in Georgia. If you’re looking for a little go to take on the AMP’s rolling hills, there’s Drip Through Coffee. It’s a commuter coffee shop inspired by the coffee stands of the Pacific Northwest.

Black Rose Cafe & Bar – Locust Grove

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We return to Locust Grove for our final Henry County Restaurant – Black Rose Cafe and Bar. The Black Rose offers Latin fusion cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll get way more than your cookie-cutter chain coffee experience with a full bar and creative cooking.

Final Thoughts on Dining in Henry County Ga

Photo Credit: Jenn Coleman.

The McDonough restaurants are delicious, but there’s more to Henry County if you get out and explore. You’ll undoubtedly find favorites beyond our top ten list, but our brief dining guide should inspire you to dine local next time you pass through.

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