Tips on How to Dress for Your Visit to South Korea – Wearing Attire That’s Comfy & Stylish

Before you embark on a trip to South Korea, it’s important to understand what to wear to explore the nation’s dynamic landscapes and experience its rich culture. Here are four tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing what to pack.

Consider the Season
South Korea experiences all four seasons, each requiring a distinct wardrobe approach. Go with lightweight clothing during the hot summer months, opt for layers in the mild fall and spring seasons, and bundle up in warm attire for snowy winters. Dressing appropriately for the weather as you stay at hotels like Travelodge Myeongdong Euljiro in the capital, Seoul, ensures you are comfortable and stylish throughout your visit.

Wear Modest Attire
Respect local customs and social norms by dressing modestly, especially at temples or other sacred sites in destinations like Seoul. Vacation packages are easy to find in this city, but before you go exploring, remember to avoid overly revealing attire; if wearing off-shoulder tops and sleeveless blouses, consider carrying a light jacket or shawl to cover your shoulders if needed. Women and men can wear shorts, but they should ideally be of modest length.

Wear Comfy Shoes
Since there are plenty of attractions to visit on foot, wearing comfy footwear is essential. You can go with sneakers or simple flats to navigate the bustling streets and explore historical sites. Sandals are acceptable but be mindful of seasonal cold weather. Also, be aware of local customs such as removing footwear before entering homes or religious buildings to ensure a comfortable and respectful experience.

Add Some K-pop Style
What better place to inject a dash of K-pop flair into your wardrobe than the land of its origin! Draw inspiration from the bold fashion scene of Korean pop mirroring iconic styles of popular groups like EXO, BTS, Black Pink and aespa. Experiment with colour-blocked attire, eye-catching accessories, oversized tops, sweater vests and more with Seoul’s city streets serving as a perfect runway for your trendy K-pop-inspired look.