Discover the Hidden Gems in Chiang Mai – Adventures Beyond the Typical Guidebooks

Embark on a quest to explore the lesser-known wonders of Chiang Mai, where the pulse of the city extends beyond its popular attractions. This guide helps unravel the hidden gems that will enrich your sightseeing experience beyond the well-trodden paths.

Baan Kang Wat Artist Village
Nestled just outside the old historical town, Baan Kang Wat Artist Village is a creative enclave within easy reach of hotels like Travelodge Nimman. The buildings here are home to independent businesses and artist shops, showcasing handmade and sustainable products. You will find ceramics, woodcrafts, jewellery, pottery, art and more which make for unique souvenirs too. Some artists even offer workshops while there’s a small amphitheatre that hosts performances as well.

Warorot Market
Once you have settled into the best hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand for your visit, plan a trip to the Warorot Market; it’s a bustling hub of flavours and culture where you can get an authentic taste (pardon the pun!) of local life. Also known as Kad Luang, this three-storey market near the riverside offers ready-to-eat meals, local snacks, and fresh produce. Indulge in grilled meats, delectable curries, khao soi noodles and much more. Once you have had your fill, head to the section which offers inexpensive products ranging from accessories to clothing.

Huay Tueng Thao Reservoir
Escape the urban bustle and venture 25 minutes north of Chiang Mai to discover the scenic beauty of the Huay Tueng Thao Reservoir. Surrounded by the Doi Pui Mountains, this reservoir offers an enchanting setting with hiking and biking trails, and even ziplining for those looking for added thrills. Bamboo huts along the water provide shade, creating an idyllic spot for a leisurely lunch. Don’t miss the huge animal sculptures on one side that provide a whimsical touch to this heavenly natural retreat.

Wat Pha Lat
A visit to Wat Pha Lat tucked away in the Doi Suthep National Park, is amongst the best things to do in Chiang Mai for an outdoor adventure. Accessible via the Monk’s Trail, and around a half-hour hike along a mountain, the temple offers a serene sanctuary away from the crowds. Discover Buddhist statues, fascinating carvings, and age-old structures made from stone amidst the natural beauty. Over a sheetrock waterfall, you will also find a walkway from which you can take in spellbinding vistas of the surroundings.