Reputable Travel Abroad Programs for High School and College Students

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The world is a fantastic classroom! Step outside your high school or college to embark on one of these travel abroad programs. 

Ever wondered what you could do to make your learning experience more exciting, insightful, adventurous, and fulfilling? Perhaps studying abroad for your high school or college years could be the answer to this most intriguing question, especially if you are an individual who is open to new experiences. Besides opening opportunities for you in the future, study abroad opportunities can help you develop skills, such as cultural competence, autonomy, and creative problem-solving, that will be instrumental to your academic and professional success. However, finding the right provider can prove quite an arduous task. Therefore, the following is a list of top-notch study abroad programs for high school and college students.

Five Amazing Travel Abroad Programs for High School Students

If you want to study abroad during high school, several programs offer exceptional opportunities. These are the top five study abroad programs for high school students.

1. AFS Intercultural Programs in France

If you are studying French, this program would be appropriate for you. Participants in these programs spend about 11 months in the residence of a host French family. During their stay, they attend school with the French and experience the la vie francaise firsthand. Therefore, AFS programs would be the most effective if you seek to advance your studies in French society; they are among the best study abroad programs for high school students. Besides developing excellent mastery of French grammar, you will feel like a French citizen after studying in this country for just a year.

You can embark on a travel abroad program in France while completing high school. Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

2. Arcos Journeys Abroad Programs in Mexico

Arcos Journeys Abroad is also one of the top travel abroad programs for high school students. Located in Mexico, this program is appropriate for novice Spanish students who wish to practice their language skills in actual life situations. Depending on how you like Mexico, you could spend about two weeks to a month in the country, residing with a host Spanish family, attending Spanish classes in the morning, and visiting the Pacific Coast and Oaxaca. It would hardly be a surprise if you crave these experiences and traditional Spanish cuisines after returning home.

You can learn Spanish while studying in Mexico. Photo by Jaunt and Joy on Unsplash

3. Abbey Road Programs in Barcelona

With Abbey Road Programs, you could relish the opportunity to study in Barcelona. As one of Spain’s most exciting cities, it is replete with art, fashion, and youthfulness, all packaged in an incredibly energetic, stylish, fast-paced lifestyle. Abbey Road Programs stress the significance of learning that occurs actively and communicatively in real-life circumstances. Thus, enrolling in such travel abroad summer programs will guarantee the opportunity to maximize your association with native speakers in legitimate cultural contexts. If you seek to spend your next summer learning and having fun simultaneously, these high school study abroad programs will do you justice.

Barcelona is a vibrant, active city, making it ideal for a travel abroad program during high school. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

4. Rustic Pathways Program in Australia

Away from Europe, you might fancy the Rustic Pathways high school study abroad program in Australia, especially if you are an aspiring animal specialist or lover. The adventure you will have in this country will teach you about animal caretaking duties and responsibilities and the culture of the Australians. Since students spend about two weeks shifting between the wild and the Australia Zoo, you will learn about all types of wild animals and the most appropriate ways of caring for them. Moreover, the program offers excursive adventures to exciting tourist destinations in the country, such as Brisbane and Surfers Paradise.

Students in Australia can enjoy getting into the outdoors and working with wildlife. Photo by Enrico Carcasci on Unsplash

5. Westcoast Connection Programs in South Africa

How about a learning opportunity in the cradle of Mankind? If South Africa is your destination of interest, the Westcoast Connection travel abroad programs for high school students will be perfect for you. By integrating adventure travel with local community service, these programs provide an exhaustive comprehension of this complex African nation. Besides traveling overland from one city to another, you will visit nature parks and participate in youth service and environmental initiatives during your stay. However, you may not enjoy your time in this country if you have pending academic essays to write. Thus, at CustomWritings, essay writers are available for hire and provide professional writing services to relieve you of this burden and make your abroad learning experience quite memorable.

There is much to see when you choose a travel abroad study program in South Africa. Photo by Enrico Carcasci on Unsplash

Five Best Study Abroad Programs for College Students

If you are a college student, several programs work exclusively with university-level study abroad programs. These are the top five study abroad programs for college students.

1. Ghana’s Volunteer Girls Teaching Program

Africa is a great travel destination for college students. Specifically, the Volunteer Girls Teaching Program in Ghana will allow you to work with young and underprivileged school girls in urban villages surrounding Tamale, the capital of the country’s Northern Region. As one of the primary travel abroad programs for college students, this initiative will facilitate you in making a difference in the lives of young girls from impoverished backgrounds. Do not allow your summers to go to waste. Enroll in such summer study abroad programs and help change the life of a Ghanaian girl during your holidays.

You can work with young girls in Ghana. Photo by Dr Josiah Sarpong on Unsplash

2. The College Year in Athens Programs in Greece

It is one of the most reputable travel abroad programs for college students seeking to spend their summer holidays in more exciting and educative ways. The programs comprise a litany of courses from which you can choose and learn about the country’s rich history. While in Greece, you will surely love the culture and the amazing people and appreciate the country’s role in shaping modern society, especially through the contributions of its intellectuals and philosophers of old.

A year abroad in Athens allows you to explore ancient civilizations. Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash

3. Music Semester Program in Vienna, Austria

Who, in their right mind, would want to miss a trip to Vienna, especially considering the city’s legendary musical history? Not you if you seek an abroad learning experience that is worth remembering. The music semester program will allow you to undertake several courses related to music theory, history, and performance studies. With the support of reputable professors, this program will provide you with the same environment and knowledge that catapulted music legends such as Beethoven and Mozart to international stardom.

Café Central is the most popular of the Vienna coffee houses, where you can relax after your music lessons. Photo by Christian Stemper courtesy Wien Tourismus

4. Uppsala International Summer Program in Sweden

As one of the free travel abroad programs for college students, the Swedish Uppsala International Summer Session will allow you to learn about the Swedes’ culture, history, and language. Moreover, it provides several courses you can undertake between two and nine weeks. The weekly excursions offered during the program will make the experience truly engaging and memorable as you will witness the country’s history and cultural heritage firsthand.

There is much to see during a summer in Sweden. Photo by Raphael Andres on Unsplash

5. The Meiji Academy Program in Fukuoka, Japan

Of all the travel abroad programs discussed, this is the most intense, though that should be the least of your worries. By enrolling in it, you will not only improve your Japanese language skills in writing and reading but also learn about the country’s rich cultural heritage. With the litany of Japanese courses it offers, your experience in this program should be nothing short of amazing and informative.

Improve your Japanese language skills and enjoy great cuisine during a travel abroad program in Fukuoka, Japan. Photo by Tayawee Supan on Unsplash

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Travel Abroad Programs Enhance Your Life

The world is your classroom. Do not let the physical boundaries of your high school or college stop you from capitalizing on the opportunities that these best study abroad programs would offer for your academic, personal, and professional development. We invite you to explore Wander With Wonder for more great student travel suggestions.


Reputable Travel Abroad Programs for High School and College Students