A Teacher’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Place to Stay in Asia

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Asia offers history, culture, and beautiful scenery. There are great opportunities for teachers in Asia. Here is our guide to picking the perfect place to stay in Asia. 

Asia is a burgeoning tourist destination, welcoming millions of international travelers annually. It’s been predicted that 500 million people will choose the Asia Pacific region for their travels by 2024. With so many varied experiences to enjoy, it isn’t surprising that so many overseas visitors head to this part of the world.

A continent of fascinating cultures, history, and landscapes, it’s no wonder that many TEFL professionals also decide to come to Asia to pursue their careers. Whether teaching English in China or offering online English lessons while backpacking across Thailand, it’s clear that there’s a wealth of opportunities available for those who wish to discover this amazing part of the world while enjoying a rewarding role in education.

Many people choose to teach English in Asia. Photo by fizkes via iStock by Getty Images

Why Teach in Asia?

As the biggest continent on the planet, Asia covers around 30% of the entire land area of the Earth. It’s also the most populated continent, home to about 60% of the global population. It offers an incredibly varied environment, with mountains, plateaus, steppes, plains, deserts, lakes, and seas just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush of trekking in the Himalayas, the excitement of getting up close and personal with the orangutans in Borneo, or simply want to relax on one of Thailand’s stunning sandy beaches, there is something for every TEFL professional to enjoy on this impressive continent during their spare time.

But how do you choose the perfect place to stay in Asia? Where should you base yourself during your Asian teaching adventure? Here is our helpful teacher’s guide to selecting the best countries across the continent to relocate to when you embark on your TEFL career.

Choosing the Perfect Destination

Before deciding on the best place to stay in Asia as a teaching professional, you need to consider what kind of experiences you’re looking for.

Are you hoping to immerse yourself in the local culture, or would you rather relocate to a busy city that offers a similar way of life to home? Are you eager to live as cheaply as possible, or do you have no problem splashing out on a more costly lifestyle? Would you prefer to live and work in an environment where English is widely understood and spoken or throw yourself into learning the local language in a more isolated community? What kind of environment attracts you? A bustling town? A seaside location? A rural village?

There’s a lot to consider, and if you’re planning to teach English online, you have complete freedom to live and work anywhere in the world as long as there’s a working internet connection. With this in mind, here are some suggestions you might want to keep in mind when planning your voyage of discovery.

Thailand—Best For The Laidback Lifestyle

If you’d like to live life at a slower pace while working as a TEFL educator, Thailand could be the perfect place to go. With its relaxed lifestyle and friendly locals, Thailand offers many experiences for overseas visitors. Its beach resorts are legendary, and the bright lights and chaotic atmosphere in the capital, Bangkok, are world-famous. However, many other towns, cities, and villages around the country can offer something a little more unusual.

Bangkok, Wat Arun, The temple of dawn. Wat Arun is one of the major attractions of Bangkok, Thailand. Photo courtesy Adobe Stock

The mountainous city of Chiang Mai can give you an authentic taste of the local culture with its many temples, historic landmarks, and markets, while the remote province of Mae Hong Son on the Cambodian border is the ideal spot to get closer to nature and spend time with a community that rarely sees Western visitors. You’ll surely find a lifestyle to suit you in the Land of Smiles.

Vietnam—Best For Low-Cost Living

The incredibly low cost of living in Vietnam makes it an attractive place to head to as a TEFL professional. But just because the essentials are cheap doesn’t mean that the experience of living there will be sub-par. Between its beautiful architecture, stunning landscapes, and fascinating traditions, this Southeast Asian country has plenty to offer.

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is a popular adventure destination for your next trip in East Asia. Photo courtesy Creative Commons

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are bustling cities with buzzing nightlife and vibrant ambiance, but there are many more varied destinations for English teachers to discover. The old imperial capital city, Hue, offers stunning faded splendor, while the mountain town of Da Lat provides respite from the country’s hot climate. Da Nang is a splendid coastal city within easy reach of popular attractions, while Haiphong offers some of the most beautiful colonial architecture. Then, of course, the many beach resorts, islands, and hidden rural villages are all as unique as they are gorgeous.

Malaysia—Best For a Modern, Multicultural Experience

Malaysia is a top choice if you want to teach somewhere where you can have all your home comforts while discovering an exciting, multicultural environment. You need only look at its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, to see that technology abounds in this diverse country, and you can expect all the latest modern conveniences while you teach English overseas.

Cable car in the mountains on Langkawi island, Malaysia. Photo via iStock by Getty Images

Outside the vibrant, buzzing city, you’ll find natural wonders galore, including picturesque islands, stunning rainforests, and sandy beaches. You’ll also find theme parks, thriving shopping districts, museums, and wildlife encounters that are truly unforgettable.

Despite these attractions, Malaysia’s cost of living is still relatively affordable, and travel expenses are also low, so you can make the most of your time off by heading further afield and taking in as many sights as possible.

Teaching English in Asia

These are just three places you might want to consider staying if you plan to head to Asia to teach English as a foreign language. With so many opportunities out there and unique countries to discover, it isn’t hard to see why so many newly qualified educators come here to experience a completely different way of life while they work. With a TEFL qualification, you can too! Let Wander With Wonder be your guide to exploring the best places in Asia.


A Teacher’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Place to Stay in Asia