8 Best Destinations in Europe for a Student Foodie

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Are you planning to go on a trip but worry that the food is too expensive in Europe? Read on to learn about the 8 best places for gastro-tourists on a student budget!

It’s a common misconception that students can’t travel because they lack time or money. Today, with low-cost airlines and cheap Airbnbs, learners can plan a vacation for any budget and preference! Some people, for example, like to be active, explore nearby attractions and visit as many historical sites as possible.

On the other hand, other people love visiting different countries because of their unique cultures and cuisine. Gastro-tourism is extremely popular today because you can experience your destination’s true uniqueness through national dishes. So, if you are still thinking about taking a week off your studies to have the vacation of your dreams, this is your sign!

Europe has much to offer regarding gastro-tourism and simply amazing food. Even when unfamiliar with the local cuisines and their features, you can easily walk into any small restaurant and ask for national food. Students can always use the “write my research paper” in case they don’t have any days off! This way, your grades will be fine, and you can enjoy yourself.

Are you still thinking about taking a trip on a student budget? Here are the top 8 destinations in Europe that any foodie should visit!

Lisbon, Portugal for Gastro-Tourists

Lisbon, Portugal, is a great place to get acquainted with Mediterranean cuisine. Even though this is not the cheapest city on this list, students can still find many places for their budget and preferences. For example, you can always find a lot of great seafood and other local delicacies at a low price compared to other European cities.

Viking River Cruise - Portugal - Douro River Cruise

Exploring downtown Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by Susan Lanier-Graham

Gastro-Tourists Love Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is another place with a lot to offer to those travelers who need more money to spare on food. Budapest is famous not only for its historic architecture and friendly atmosphere but also for its street food.

Danube Viking River Cruise

Budapest is a foodie’s paradise. Photo by Susan Lanier-Graham

There are many traditional restaurants that students can try while walking around town. Here are some things that you need to look for:

  • langos
  • chimney cake
  • goulash

Student Foodies Should Check Out Krakow, Poland

Eastern Europe is the best place for students who are on a budget and want to experience local cuisine! You can look for the best paper writing services to help you with your work while you spend a whole week exploring Krakow, Poland, and its delicious food. You might have already heard of some traditional dishes, for example, pierogi, kielbasa, and bigos.

Kraków, Poland

Kraków, Poland is a great place for gastro-tourists. Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Gastro-Tourists Should Not Miss Athens, Greece

Greece has long been a huge attraction for people looking for historic sites and cheap food. Athens will make a good impression on any student! Here, you can become a part of history in the Parthenon and then go out for dinner for the best meals of your life. Here are some ideas about how you can spend your evening in Athens:

  • visit indoor and outdoor food markers
  • go on a gourmet walking tour around the city
  • find a wine-tasting event near you
  • remember street food, especially souvlaki and gyros
trip to Greece

Part of the fun of traveling to Greece is enjoying the local restaurants. Photo by Anna_Jedynak via iStock by Getty Images

Rome, Italy, is a Must for Student Foodies

No gastro-tourist will skip Italy when going to Europe! There is no place like Rome for delicious pizza, pasta, and gelato. Imagine walking near the Coliseum on a hot summer day and eating the best ice cream you have ever tasted! This is why gastro-tourism exists in the first place and why students should be bold and try something new.

Know About Rome

Take time to enjoy the great food when you visit Rome, and don’t be afraid to purchase from the street carts. Photo via Pixabay

Gastro-Tourists Love Berlin, Germany

Berlin is famous among the young crowd for its clubs and vibrant nightlife. At the same time, you can always find a fantastic blend of cuisines here. You can find a traditional restaurant in Berlin if you want to try German dishes. But students can also look for Turkish, Vietnamese, and Middle Eastern delicacies!

Foodie Joy in Valencia, Spain

Just like with Italy, gastro-tourists should not skip Spain while traveling. While you can visit any Spanish city and be amazed by the local restaurants, Valencia can be something special on your journey. Here, you will find the best paella that you have ever tasted! Remember to top it off with a glass of horchata on a hot summer day.

Foodie Finds in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia might not be the first choice of a new traveler. However, experienced gastro lovers know that the capital city of Ljubljana has a lot to offer! It is an excellent European capital with a pedestrian historic center with many restaurants, cafes, and other places of culture and art. You can experience great food together with authentic charm.

Student foodies

Student foodies will enjoy the Old European feel of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo by Siebe Warmoeskerken on Unsplash

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It is Possible for Students on a Budget to be Gastro-Tourists

So there you have it—8 destinations in Europe that any foodie on a budget should visit! Of course, every city has a lot of upscale restaurants where food can be costly. Students on a budget should look for food stalls, local cafes, and outdoor markets to experience the best food in the countries they visit. When you’re ready to head out, be sure to check out Wander With Wonder for some of our favorite European destinations and our favorite culinary travel experiences.