The 8 Finest Food and Drink Combos You Must Try to Accompany a Fantastic Meal

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Need help planning the perfect meal? Here are 8 great food and drink combos that let you create a perfect meal for someone special.

Everyone has their own preferences and ways of washing down a wonderful dinner. But creating meal combinations is such a widespread practice that you can find it everywhere. You must recall from your early years that your mom used to entice you with a combo of milk and cookies.

Putting together a meal isn’t a tough task; rather, it’s a useful skill that you should learn. It’s similar to combining your clothes, and all you require is a creative force to come up with new ideas. Learn it from the best, such as Dinnerly, who mastered the “science” of putting nutritious meal kits together; including healthy and even vegan (it that’s your thing) meals, which will be delivered to your doorstep.

If we succeeded in tickling your imagination a bit, here it comes… If you’re combining food and drink, you should examine the 8 best choices below before making them for your loved one(s).

# 1 Oatmeal and Orange Juice

People all around the world frequently serve oats and orange juice at family gatherings because it’s among the finest food and beverage pairings. Especially for breakfast. There are several advantages to eating oatmeal, and these advantages increase when orange juice is included in the meal.

food and drink combos - orange juice and oatmeal

Orange juice and oatmeal is a tasty and healthy combination for breakfast. Photo by StephanieFrey via iStock by Getty Images

In addition to being a delightful food and beverage pairing, combining these two items for a single meal has many health advantages. Men’s Health claims that this combo can aid in heart attack prevention. Additionally, it will clear your body’s arteries and give you a robust, healthy feeling.

# 2 Donuts and Coffee

One of the most popular food and beverage pairings that people make around the world is coffee and donuts. The fact that the brand “Dunkin Donuts” made it well-known throughout the world is another important aspect of the company.

donuts and coffee

Donuts and coffee are popular morning food and drink pairings. Photo by tycoon751 via iStock by Getty Images

“Krispy Kreme Doughnuts” has also made coffee and donuts a well-known food and beverage pairing. A study discovered that the combination of caffeine and sugar can have a good impact on memory, learning, and attention span. Donuts also contain sugar, so don’t overdo this morning routine. Moderation is king.

# 3 Seafood and Champagne

There are countless health advantages to eating seafood, and many people enjoy seafood and champagne as a food and beverage pairing. Many restaurants in the United States and other nations serve seafood and champagne or sparkling wine, and customers seem to enjoy it.

champagne and seafood pairing

Champagne or other sparkling wines pair well with seafood. Photo by Zufar Kamilov via iStock by Getty Images

Champagne and other sparkling wines have a low sugar content and a high acidity level by coincidence. Seafood, in contrast, has a lot of calories. A pleasant taste enters your lips when all of these come together.

# 4 Cookies and Milk

As was already noted, seeing cookies and milk shared at the dinner table makes one feel nostalgic. No matter where you live. There are several possible explanations as to why milk and cookies are frequently served together in every home. You must also recall the times in school when you had milk and sweet treats at the same time. Either for breakfast or for dinner. Or as a snack.

milk and cookies

Milk and cookies are a great food and drink pairing that brings back childhood memories. Photo by vasillybudarin via iStock by Getty Images

These ingredients taste so good together for a scientific reason. According to Mathew Hartings, a professor of chemistry at American University in Washington D.C., the interaction of the chemical components on our tongues when we combine these two results in a delicious flavor.

# 5 Cheese and Wine

In places by the sea or other places around the world where people can access water (close to river shores or lake coasts), a picnic is one of their favorite pastimes and is considered incomplete without cheese and wine. This brings us to another of the most popular pairings that people employ at different gatherings and dining settings—wine and cheese.

finger lakes NY road trip

Cheese and wine is a classic food and drink pairing. Photo by Anita Warren-Hampson via iStock by Getty Images

Live Science claims that there are valid grounds for the culinary combo of cheese and wine. Additionally, individuals bring these two along on picnics because they like pairing soft cheese with white wine and hard cheese with red wine.

# 6 Mooncake and Tea

Have you had a mooncake before? The specific variety of cakes, which originated in China, has spread over the entire world. In many countries, people give mooncakes and a cup of tea to house guests and family members.

food and drinks pairings

Mooncakes, round Chinese traditional pastries, are usually served with tea. Photo by Edy Gunawan via iStock by Getty Images

There’s also a Mid-Autumn Festival in China, where tourists travel there to sample some distinctive Chinese cuisine. This year, it will happen on September 29. The Mooncake Festival, also known as the Mid-autumn Festival (Zhong Qiu Jie in Mandarin), takes place on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. The eighth lunar month, which is in the midst of autumn, falls on the 15th day of the month, hence the name Mid-autumn Festival. Mooncakes continue to hold a strong place as the ideal food for the festival as well.

# 7 Pizza and Soda

Even though pizza is no longer just an Italian food and has gained a global following among foodies, it has been paired with many different things, with pizza and soda being the most popular. You can choose from Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, and a number of other beverage brands.

pizza and soda

A glass of cold soda with a pizza is a popular food and drink pairing. Photo by karandaev via iStock by Getty Images

Whatever soda you decide to drink, everything will go as planned only as long as there’s a pizza present in the story. The two items are typically served together in pizza establishments, but we have to say that it is a thing across North America and parts of Latin America. Furthermore, they might be a great mix for a lighter lunch while you’re dining with your girlfriend or spouse.

# 8 Muscat and Desserts

The distinctive wine known as muscat was first produced in Italy. Typically, most people serve muscat with a variety of desserts at home and at gatherings. More people are drawn to this wine because of its mild flavor and sweetness.

food and wine pairings

Muscat wine pairs well with dessert. Photo by ChuckPlace via iStock by Getty Images

No one can say with certainty when or why they can’t go a day without dessert. Business Insider claims that desserts can make our brains crave food more and more. While eating the same thing over and over again can get boring, desserts give us a constant source of new and interesting flavors. Especially in the combination with muscat. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

When Finding the Best Food and Drink Combos

No matter which combination you choose, you have to sample at least one on your own and enjoy the flavor. We’ll appreciate food and drink’s many combinations more as we have a better understanding of them.

Invite your loved ones right away, prepare some delectable food and drink combos, and create some priceless memories with them! We recommend that you check out Wander With Wonder for more great food articles and our recommendations for restaurants to sample wherever you might travel.

Need help planning the perfect meal? Here are 8 great food and drink combos that let you create a perfect meal for someone special.