Roadtrip + Glamping in Batangas, Planning for Autumn trips

Last month, my friends and I went on a long overdue road trip to Batangas. We saw this dome glamping area last year, and had booked it around December of 2021, but a lot of things happened in between and we only got to use our accommodation this summer. Ashley told us she’ll cover for the rental fee as her late birthday celebration, yey! Thanks Ash and Jus!

Chingus road trip! Weee!

Recently, Pilipinas Shell and Philippine Airlines launched a partnership for Filipinos to travel beyond roads and even into the sky. Seeing air travel restrictions being lifted, Shell Go+ members can now start converting their points to get 1 Mabuhay Mile for every 3 Shell Go+ points, with a minimum redemption of 30 points. After roadtrips and everyday drives, we can also start planning on our future local or international flights!
We decided to avail this during our roadtrip.

Road Trip To Batangas!

Paxie and I joined Ashley and her family (Jus, Aki, and Andres) on their weekly roadtrip. Since both of them came from the north, they picked me up last in Festival Mall in Alabang before we headed further south to Batangas.

Of course, a road trip is not complete without a stopover! We gassed up our vehicle, and also bought our groceries in Shell Select since the campsite is pretty much remote and has no access to groceries and food deliveries. Glad we went for Shell since we also earned Go+ points, and found out that it was convertible to PAL Mabuhay Miles (yay future flights!!!), in just three easy steps:

1. Download Shell Go+ app to collect points whenever you gas up in Shell, shop or eat in Shell Select, and purchase lubricants.

2. Get 1 Mabuhay Mile for every 3 Go+ points.

3. Visit for more info.

Last minute food and drinks shopping during our stopover in Shell Select:

Just go to Shell’s website to convert your Shell Go+ points to Mabuhay Miles:
Welcome To Domescape!
With snacks, In The Seom game, and fun company, time passed by and we arrived at the campsite in no time.
Domescape is located in Nasugbu, Batangas. Ashley booked the Glamping Twin Domes accommodation via Airbnb, so her family can stay in one dome, while Paxie and I shared the other one. Current price for the one night stay is around Php 19,000. The domes are actually big and accommodate more friends, but sadly there were conflicts with their sched huhu!
In the middle of our two domes, there is a natural pool that you can access via the lounge areas or by sliding! We also had two separate kitchen areas, one for each dome, and outdoor bath tubs on the second floor (which we weren’t able to use). Each dome also has its own bathroom.
Outside our compound, there are common spaces that guests of Domescape can access like a bonfire, hammocks, etc. We were already chill in our own private area, and did not explore these na.
What I Love About Domescape:
1. Raw nature, but still comfortable. Camping vibes, but still comfortable since the domes are air conditioned and has its own bathrooms.
2. Full-equipped. I realized that I could have packed less since the accommodation is complete with all necessities:
Domes: Aircon, electric fan, humidifier fans, sanitizer, 2 beds with extra bed, clean comforters and lots of pillows, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels, toilet papers.
Kitchen: Gas range with pans, grilling area, ref, kettle heaters, toaster, microwave, drinking water (1 huge gallon for each dome), even sink with sponge, dishwashing soap, hand soap, etc.
3. Refreshing pool! It might look murky, BUT once you’re in the pool it’s actually clean and tiled! Had fun swimming and sliding with my friends during sunset, but had to go out nun dumami na mosquitoes.
4. Private area. I love that the only time we encountered people was upon checking in. We were masked off the whole time we were in our compound, a nice breather from city life!
5. Travel time – For an insolated area, hindi pala siya super layo compared to other road trips we did before. From Festival Mall Alabang to Domescape, it took us around 3 hours only–considering we even had long stopovers.
6. And of course, ang ganda talaga ng area! ❤
Stuff To Take Note Of:
1. Since this is a camping site, do not expect stable internet connection. I am using Smart, while my friends are all Globe, lahat kami struggling for signal. I can still send and receive messages from FB Messenger, but mahirap mag upload and browse. It was a nice break from social media, though. And ang importante were were also able to play In the Seom at night, haha!
2. Bugs Life / Jurassic Park (lol). If you’re also afraid of crawlies, super dami nila dito (as expected). We saw big red ants, bees, fireflies, butterflies, and insects that I am unfamiliar of hahahuhu. Nun padilim na, dumami talaga lamok sa labas.
We were able to prevent mosquitoes from entering our domes by keeping our doors closed at all times, but while cooking dinner ang dami talagang lamok. Bring your bug spray. Ok din siguro yung mga candles or room scents na citronella!
We also spotted a chicken, cat, and frogs. For one night, kinaya ko naman ang mga pa-crawlies (and wala naman sa bed or bathroom namin). FYI lang in case maselan ka sa ganto.

3. No room service. Ever since the pandemic, they also stopped serving food so you have to bring your own. We have instant noodles and canned goods from the stopover, but we can also actually cook a lot of good food here if may masipag lang hehehe.
4. Shower has no water heaters, in case you only take hot baths.
5. There’s a short trek from the carpark to our domes, which can be a hassle if you have a lot of luggage with you (aka ME, lol). Best to just pack light and carry a backpack with you.
6. Price is on the expensive side at Php 19,000 for the Twin Domes, so best if you can bring in more friends and split the rate. 🙂
Where To Next?
Overall, it was just an overnight thing so my friends and I really enjoyed our chill stay in Domescape with the bugs and crawlies hehehe. Away from the city, disconnected most of the time, and only had each other to keep ourselves entertained. The kids were so adorable, si Aki palang all out entertainment na haha, so I never got bored at all! I especially enjoyed the swimming time with Ash and Paxie, and our midnight Maritesan and gaming till 3am!
We ended our stay with just a chill breakfast, more time take pictures, and then finally packing up and heading home. We again passed by Shell to gas up, and stopped by in Buon Giorno in Tagaytay for lunch with a view. We also went on a quick pasalubong center shopping, before the rain poured on our way home. Thank God the weather was good during our glamping!
With the points we earned from Shell, I already have around 20 Shell Go+ Points in my account. I’m excited to earn more points, and convert them to Mabuhay Miles for future flights with PAL. The question is: an autumn trip in Korea or a food trip in BKK? Where to next? It was a really fun trip with my friends, and I hope that the traveling and new experiences will not end.