Delicious Food Experiences in Hyderabad for Family

Chhavi and I visited Hyderabad because she was playing a tennis tournament there. My elder Nephew works at Hyderabad, so after the matches we went and stayed with him. He is an avid cyclist and knows a lot of delicious food experiences in all price ranges across the city of Hyderabad. We were a group of three, though not a typical family. And we had loads of fun. I also feel sports tourism or tennis travel is going to be the way forward for me. But back to the food experiences in Hyderabad.

Huber & Holly- The Fantastic Ice Cream Shop

After walking for long at the KBR Park, Chhavi and Dilip went in search if ice cream. I was tagging behind 10 paces behind them as usual. Chhavi entered a shop and decided she wanted to try another one. I was tired, I wanted to sit, but the girl didn’t budge. So out we went in search for another ice cream shop.

Huber and Holly Ice Cream in Hyderabad

And then we stumbled upon Huber & Holly and I am glad Chhavi didn’t settle for the first one. Their ice creams are fabulous. Chhavi took Litchi Charcoal, she gave me a little to taste. We both really liked it.

Excellent Ice Creams at Huber and Holly, Hyderabad

I went with a kulfi and I have to say I have not had such amazing kulfi in ages. Dilip was watching his calories so he only had black coffee, which he told was excellent again. We are going there again at the first opportunity. The prices are what you would expect with a premium place.

Chutneys for Lunch at Hyderabad

Lunch at Chutneys Hyderabad

My nephew took us to the Chutneys for a late lunch one day. Chhavi wanted to go to a KFC. That led us to a discussion about chain restaurants vs local ones. We told her we were going to eat a lot of local food. To which she said she didn’t want only chutneys for lunch! We assured her there would be a lot more than chutneys to choose from.

When we went, there was a waiting time to get a table. The waiting area was air conditioned and had many chairs. So it was pleasant to wait but we didn’t wait for long. Dilip went with Guntur Idli and I with Rawa Dosa. Chhavi decided to eat noodles. Our stuff was of course yummy but the noodles were good too. Once again, a great experience thanks to Dilip. Overall the food was delicious and the prices reasonable.

Le Vantage for Dinner

Dinner at Le vantage Hyderabad

Le Vantage has dining and bar. Dilip and Chhavi would run ahead to such places, only to be stopped by the bouncers, because Chhavi is clearly underage. I would reach 5 steps later and take charge. Once they would see me with them, we were always granted entry to the dining area. This happened to us at two places.

Dilip at Le Vantage, Hyderabad

We only went to the dining area and not the bar because Chhavi is underage. The upstairs dining is comfortable. Chhavi ordered nachos, Dilip ordered pita bread and humus and I ordered pasta with beer. We all liked the our dishes. Le Vantage is a good place to sit, relax, chat and eat.

Eat Street

Chhavi eating Chuski at Eat Srteet

We ate a dinner at Eat Street near Hussain Sagar. It is a food court style place with many options. Chhavi ate spiral potatoes and immediately remembered Biograd because she ate a lot of spiral potatoes there. She also ate momos, and drank a big glass of juice and the chuski. And ask her to eat anything at home and she is not hungry! Dilip as usual ordered a low calorie meal and I ate falafals!

The food is decent but the view of the lake is priceless. The food is reasonably priced.

Kadak House near KBR Park

Kadak House foe Evening Tea

While we were walking near the KBR Park we stopped at the Kadak House for my evening tea. Dilip is a regular here on his cycling runs and I too liked the place. It is a roadside stall with not space to sit. But it serves good tea in a casual setting.

Nariyal Pani (Tender Coconut Water) by the Roadside

Nariyal Pani

After a long walk on the hot days, nariyal pani is the thing you look out for. It is cheaper in Hyderabad than Delhi NCR. I don’t remember the exact price as Dilip was paying for almost everything.

Tiffin from Online Platforms

Ordering Food for Tiffin Service

We ordered many meals at home too, particularly breakfast. There are a lot of tiffin services in Hyderabad that dish out superb local food. We ordered a lot of South Indian food from Tiffin depot and Varalakshmi Tiffins and both are good. I loved them. Chhavi wanted North Indian food so we went for puri aalo once for her and even that was good.

Raw Mango with Masala

But the best of all was the raw mango (see the top picture) with spices. It is a seasonal thing. It is simply raw mango that is not too tangy smeared with spices that perfectly balance sweet, sour and hot! We bought one plate and walked on for dinner. We walked a long way back to buy another plate but the guy had gone back home by the time we finished our dinner. His stuff was sold out!

We had so much fun trying different food at Hyderabad. I hope my nephew picks his next job close to a beach! And Chhavi has a match there too.