Real Greece Travel: See Our Insider Experiences

Gorgeous islands, outstanding cuisine and a plethora of historic sites await when you travel to Greece. It’s one of our most popular European destinations to visit thanks to its sheer diversity, immensely rich culture and an endless list of incredible highlights.

Ticking off major monuments will undoubtedly be on your agenda when you book Greece travel. If you want to dive a little further into the culture and history of the country, though, why not consider adding a few more meaningful experiences to your itinerary? From dining in a local’s home to joining terrific walking tours led by highly knowledgeable guides, we have a whole range of memorable insider experiences for you to look forward to during a tailored Greek holiday.

While the best time to visit Greece for warm weather and endless sunshine is typically between May and September, you’ll be able to enjoy the following Enchanting Travels experiences all year round:

Combine a Plaka walking tour with a traditional cooking lesson in Athens

If you’ve visited Athens before, or have simply read a lot about the ancient city, you’ll know Plaka is its picture-perfect old quarter. Taking a walking tour of the area with a local is a fantastic way to get to grips with the Greek capital’s culture and how it has evolved over time.

Stroll leisurely through the old town, stopping off at specific points to discuss how the city has been influenced by centuries of intriguing history. You’ll finish up your Plaka tour with a local cookery class which will see you creating tantalizing dishes specific to both Athens and the surrounding region.

Alternatively, why not leave the cooking to the experts by accepting a private invitation to dine at a local’s home instead? Experience true Athenian living while indulging in delicious home-cooked Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Discover where all the ingredients in your meal came from and lose yourself in great conversation with your friendly hosts.

Greece travel in Athens

Learn how to make delicious pies in Galaxidi

Pretty Galaxidi is a sun-drenched fishing town tucked away on the Greek mainland, not far from Delphi. Up until the 1960s, it was only accessible by boat and that is still the most spectacular way to approach it today!

As well as relishing its idyllic vibe and admiring spectacular views of the Gulf of Corinth along the town’s wonderful promenade, a visit to Galaxidi gives you access to one of our favorite Greek travel insider experiences – a private pie-making lesson with a welcoming local woman.

The host for this activity is incredibly hospitable and always goes the extra mile to make the culinary activity as fun and informative as possible! In addition to leaving with some tasty homemade pies, you’ll gain great knowledge of all the locally sourced ingredients used to make them.

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Enjoy a Cretan cooking lesson in a traditional olive mill

The island of Crete is well-known for both its stunning olive groves and its unique local gastronomy. Why not combine them next time you travel to Greece with this memorable activity?

Journey in a private car to an 18th-century olive mill on the outskirts of Chania where you’ll be greeted by a local chef. They’ll then host an amazing cooking lesson where you’ll learn all the secrets of Cretan cuisine…

Cook with fresh, seasonal produce and create mouth-watering dishes infused with various Greek herbs and, of course, Cretan olive oil! You’ll be able to ask your host plenty of questions about the island’s food before sitting down to dine on the fruits of your labor. With a view across the olive groves, snack on freshly baked bread, sip on rich local wine and tuck into dishes that exemplify the island’s world-famous Mediterranean gastronomy.

After some delicious food and stimulating conversation, you’ll be whisked back to your hotel with a full belly and some brilliant new recipes to recreate once you get home.

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Discover the secrets of Cretan culture on a tour of Anatoli

If you’re staying on Crete’s east coast near the beautiful resort town of Elounda, this activity couldn’t be more ideal. It’ll see you venturing up into the hills (600 meters up, to be precise!) to the charming village of Anatoli.

Anatoli’s sleepy atmosphere and traditional architecture make it appear permanently suspended in time. What’s more, its lofty location affords it stunning vistas of the sea, sky and splendid Cretan scenery. After you’re done soaking up the views, embark on a tour that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local lifestyle.

See how local herbs are harvested and used, visit a local beekeeper, and taste some of the fragrant olive oil that’s produced in the area. Rather than focusing on one activity, this remarkable Greece travel tour lets you enjoy various aspects of Cretan culture, which you’ll no doubt remember for years to come.

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Greece travel highlight: Dine at a local home in Olympia

Olympia is one of the major highlights of travel to Greece’s mainland thanks to its legendary ruins. It’s not just the town’s nearby ancient archaeological site that should be on your agenda, though.

The Peloponnese region which envelopes Olympia is very fertile and produces a decent proportion of Greece’s fresh produce. Tempt your tastebuds with some of those ingredients by having dinner with one of the town’s locals in their beautiful – and very traditional – Greek home.

During the exceptional evening, you’ll have a chance to learn about your hosts’ fascinating lifestyles, gain interesting facts about the local produce and treat yourself to some flavor-packed dishes.

Greece travel food experiences

If you’re nervous about planning Greece travel just after the COVID-19 pandemic, rest assured that our team will always be on hand to ensure your trip is well-organized, easily adaptable and above all, safe. Why not read our guest story about traveling around Europe during coronavirus to see how we were able to organize a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Portugal and Greece?

Dreaming of luxury travel to Greece? Let us help you make your trip even more meaningful and memorable.

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