Fun Things To Do on Catalina Island in October

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If you’re in the Los Angeles area, one of the best day trip destinations is nearby Catalina Island. It’s a short ferry trip or private boat ride away from the greater LA region and easy to navigate by foot. Catalina Island experiences a year-round mild climate, and the fall season is the perfect time to experience all of its attractions. Check out these fun things to do on Catalina Island in October.

Catalina Island Harbor

Visiting Catalina Island

Catalina Island is located 22 miles away from the mainland. To get to this legendary place, you’ll need to book a ferry or a private charter from one of the many Southern California marinas that provide service to the island. The trip is approximately one hour and is filled with scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, perfect for a private sailboat San Diego excursion.

Activities To Do in October

The island is a popular destination for couples and families in the fall. The busy summer tourism season has slowed down a bit and made for some more room to enjoy Catalina’s many gifts. The weather in October is still sunny, gorgeous and warm, an ideal climate for many of Catalina’s outdoor activities and ocean-themed adventures. Here are some recommendations for what to do this month.


Catalina is famous for its excellent snorkeling and scuba diving. Snorkeling is still possible in the fall months. You can book an excursion and ask for a wet suit to keep you warmer in the water during your trip. Explore Catalina’s beautiful reefs and check out the Pacific’s aquatic creatures, including fish, octopus, coral, squid and urchins.

Teenager experiencing the underwater world at Catalina Island

Zip Lining

If you’d rather stay dry this fall during your time on the island, consider booking a zip lining tour. Catalina’s unique topography offers excellent zip lining in the interior of the island. Get a thrill by zipping along the treetops and experiencing an adrenaline rush.


October is also a great time of the year to see the island via boat. There are several boating charter operators that can customize a trip to meet your needs. Take a boat tour around the circumference of the island and learn about the region’s history. Another possibility is to book a romantic private dinner cruise and see the iconic Pacific Ocean sunset during your meal.


Catalina also offers many different trails for hiking. There are options to trek along the coast and see the dramatic cliffs rising and falling around the ocean. The cooler, crisp air is also a great time to check out the island’s interior trails and forests and learn about Catalina’s unique ecosystem.


October also features plenty of sunshine for a day out on the golf course. See why so many visitors flock to Catalina to improve their game. The beautiful scenery of the ocean and Catalina’s incredible topography make for an exciting day out on the links. 

There is a reason why Catalina Island has been a treasured vacation spot for Californians for decades. Explore the island in the quiet fall season during October to get the most out of a weekend or day trip.

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