Travel during COVID-19: Guest Stories

If you thought travel during COVID-19 was completely impossible, think again! While a lot of our favorite destinations were closed off to tourists during the height of the pandemic, many have since started to open up again, allowing us to plan some incredible trips for our guests around the globe.

Travel in the current climate can be unpredictable, with the rules and regulations changing on a weekly basis. Thankfully, we’ve been able to successfully plan many once-in-a-lifetime trips by staying on top of COVID-19 protocols, offering guests 24/7 support, and by having expert on-the-ground knowledge of current travel conditions in dozens of different destinations.

As well as showing you how we can keep you safe when traveling in our new reality, we’ve also got plenty of testimonies from those who have already planned or embarked on trips with us in 2020/2021. If you are almost ready to book a getaway, but you just need a little more reassurance, read these stories from both guests and team members on what it’s like to travel during COVID-19.

Exploring Southern Utah’s National Parks

Janine Hales and her husband first used our travel experts a few years ago to book a family trip to Bali. In 2020, tired of staying home, they got in touch with us once again to plan a vacation in their native USA.

“This last fall, my husband and I were really tired of staying home with all the COVID restrictions and tried to figure out a way we could take a vacation. We settled on the Southern Utah National Parks and decided to call Enchanting Travels. With very short notice, they put together an amazing trip. We drove ourselves and they planned the trip so we never felt rushed and we had plenty of time to get from park to park.

We had a trip coordinator who kept in touch with us the whole time. She helped us make restaurant reservations. If there was anything we wanted to change at the last minute or move around, they were extremely flexible. They made our trip an unforgettable experience!”

See the extraordinary National Parks for yourself with our Utah Uncovered road trip.

Thanksgiving break in sunny Mexico

In November 2020, Vineeta and Parik Laxminarayan (our co-founder and CEO) flew to Mexico City and Cabo for a family vacation with their two girls. Their concerns about COVID-19 safe travel were eased thanks to great sanitization and safety protocols on the plane and in the city itself. The family were able to enjoy a whole range of activities during their Mexico vacation, including a fantastic food tour of Mexico City.

“During our excursions in Mexico City we noticed that local citizens were taking COVID-19 precautions seriously and wore masks at all times. Restaurants and shops had us step into sanitizing baths for our shoes, tested temperatures and gave us hand sanitizer prior to entry. Even our hotel room had a small care pack, as they called it, with hand sanitizer, wipes and masks for our convenience.

We enjoyed a half day visit to Teotihuacan and also did a street food tour while in Mexico City. Even while traversing the varied and interesting food and vegetable markets in the city on foot, we were completely at ease thanks to the confidence instilled in us by our guide Roderiguez. The people were warm and welcoming and left us with some beautiful memories, not to mention the delicious cuisine.”

Read more about their Mexico travel experience and discover the best time to visit the vibrant nation for a truly memorable vacation.

An unforgettable honeymoon in Costa Rica

Many guests have left wonderful reviews about their Enchanting Travels experiences over the past year. This includes Mary and her husband who jetted off to Costa Rica for a belated honeymoon.

“Enchanting Travels just designed us a long overdue honeymoon to Costa Rica. Their knowledgeable professionals customized an itinerary that included a variety of accommodations – from a luxury eco-resort in the middle of the rainforest to hotels with fabulous views and restaurants. Drivers were excellent. Guides were top-notch. COVID protections were taken seriously. We knew we could rely on Enchanting Travels to do our worrying for us”

Rating 5/5

Mary McLaury May 11, 2021

We make it easy to navigate delays and postponements 

“Great company, great people! They helped us put together a complex schedule which included a number of experiences that we could not otherwise get. Also, in light of COVID-19, they were able to reschedule our upcoming Japan trip without additional fees, where many of my friends have scheduled similar trips (same timeframe) on their own, and all were refused a refund or reschedule without significant fees, despite having trip insurance.”

Rating 5/5

Travis Vengroff Mar 13, 2020

“Our family had planned a safari trip to South Africa for July 2020 using Enchanting Travels. Kalani Stephens set up an amazing itinerary and we were so excited until COVID-19 hit the world. Sadly, we had to reschedule our trip. Kalani took care of us and got everything postponed to July 2021 without any changes or price increase!!! He was always great to talk to, providing good advice and understanding in this crazy time. Kalani made the stress of worrying about our trip disappear!
And a shout out to Ben Rolex, our in Africa contact, for answering all our questions so quickly and efficiently. He has been wonderful to work with and we are thrilled he will be our contact in Africa once we finally make it there. Still looking forward to our dream trip!!!”

Rating 5/5

Karyn Nov 3, 2020

Can’t wait to get back out into the world? Take a look at our COVID-19 travel FAQ’s and learn more about our Carefree Guarantee. Or get in touch directly with our experts to start planning COVID-19 safe travel to all your dream destinations.

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