World at a Glance: The Long Room at Trinity University, Dublin

I love old libraries. Oh, I enjoy contemporary, futuristic ones, too (the new library in Birmingham comes to mind), but the old ones, well, they seem to have a depth of soul the newer ones haven’t quite attained yet. Top of my list is the 18th century Long Room, the library at Trinity College Dublin, […]

Yates Mountain Hike via Prairie View Trail,

The Yates Mountain hike in Kananaskis, also known as the Barrier Lake Fire Lookout hike, can be an over-the-top busy hike on a sunny weekend from May through October. But if you pick a weekday or do the Yates Mountain hike in winter, you may enjoy a bit of solitude. The hike, which switchbacks up an old forestry road for about 5 kilometres, won’t wow you until you break out of the trees. But then magic happens, and you’re met […]

25 Fun & Best Things To Do In Surprise AZ (Arizona)

Looking for the best and most fun things to do in Surprise AZ (Arizona)? Surprise is a city located in Maricopa County, in the southwest part of the Phoenix area. It is a desirable city to visit or live in, known for its strong economy and affordable living. The city offers a unique blend of …

7 delightful dong in Seoul – and 3 bonuses

Seoul, exciting as it is, can be an overwhelming acquaintance at first. It takes some time to get one’s bearings in a city of 10 million people, especially if you, as I, come from a place with about half as many in the entire country. But having spent a fun, if cold, December week and […]