Offersøykammen Hike in Norway’s Lofoten Islands

Located in Norway’s magnificent Lofoten archipelago, north of the Arctic Circle, is the fabulous Offersøykammen hike. It’s an easy half day hike that offers views of turquoise-coloured water, pristine islands, towering peaks, Haukland Beach and the turbulent waters of the of the Nappstraumen. For a short hike it rewards with extraordinary scenery, along with some interesting plants near the start of the hike and numerous bird species – if you stop to listen and look. (Try the Merlin app!)

The Offersøykammen peak is a must-visit destination for any hiker looking for a workout and quintessential Lofoten Islands views. It’s a popular one with the locals but you won’t find the Offersøykammen hike to be as busy as Rheinbringen or Ryten.

All the details for the Offersøykammen hike are included in this hiking guide, including where to park, trailhead location, and what to expect on the hike. This is a great hike whether you’re a novice or you have a lifetime of hiking behind you. 

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Views looking south from the top of Offersøykammen

Offersøykammen hike summary

Distance: Approximately 2.6 km return

Elevation gain: 436 m or 1,430 feet

Level of difficulty: Easy if you’re a regular hiker.

Time needed: 2 hours round trip.

Dogs allowed: Yes.

Best time to hike: Late May/early June until October

Don’t forget: The 10 hiking essentials, a wind-proof coat for the summit – and let someone know where you’re going and when you’re due back.

Practice: Leave No Trace principles on the Offersøykammen hike.

Highlights: Catch the panoramic 360°views in June and July under the Midnight Sun. If you attempt the hike in the fall and winter months, you may be treated to the Northern Lights. (You should know what you’re doing if you opt for a winter hike up Offersøykammen under snowy conditions.)

On the top of Offersoykammen

Where to park for the Offersøykammen hike

Most people park on the north side of the E-10, just east of the Nappstaumen tunnel entrance. It’s called the Skreda rest area and is 6.5 km from Leknes. From there you must walk back 600 m to the beginning of the trail beside the highway, though there are some steeper trails leading up from the parking lot. I’d suggest sticking with the main trail to keep the area near the parking lot from getting eroded.

There is another option that we used. Take the old road below the E-1o on the south side of the mountain. Park beside some cabins, literally right beside the trail. Hike up about 35 m to reach the highway and cross it. The trail up Offersøykammen starts on the highway shoulder but don’t expect to see signage.

We parked at the lower trailhead for the Offersøykammen hike – and found plenty of parking

Offersøykammen hike description

From the E-10 head up into the woods on a well-traveled trail, that goes under the power lines. The Offersøykammen hike is steep at the beginning as it climbs up a rock-strewn path through the birch trees. Once you’re out of the trees, the views open to the south.

Continue on the braided trail – that’s very rocky at times, heading for a false summit. Once over that the grade moderates, especially as you get closer to the summit of Offersøykammen. The summit itself has lots of room to spread out but be wary of the cliffs on the north side. This is no place to slip – so stay well back, especially in windy conditions.

The Skreda rest/parking area is down the E10 about 600 m from where John is standing

The main event on the Offersøykammen hike is the sensational 360°view you get on the summit. No other peaks mar your sightline. The panorama is one of the best you’ll find in the Lofotens – especially when you consider the effort versus the reward ratio.

Look across to Mannen – another peak you could bag in a few hours that also offers first rate views – and the option of a swim at Haukland Beach afterwards.

John pointing to the trail – which heads under the powerlines
Note the rocky – dirt trail through the trees
Early views on the Offersøykammen hike if you turn around and look back
I am thoroughly enjoying the workout and the views on this late August hike
Once out of the trees you get into a rocky section that is easier to deal with going up than coming down
Looking over to Haukand Beach and a smaller peak called Mannen that you could easily knock off after you finish this one
Enjoying the views on the hike back to the car

Location map of the Offersøykammen hike


Where to stay in the area

We stayed at Hattvika Lodge in Ballstad and enjoyed a cabin right on the water. I’d highly recommend it – and the place is well-positioned for many other nearby hikes including Nonstinden and Skottind.

Very close to the trailhead for the Offersøykammen hike you’ll find Lofoten Basecamp, Haukland Panorama Lofoten – close to Hauklandstranda Beach, and Lofothytter – just steps from Offersøya Beach – and rated exceptional. 

Our cabin at Hattvika Lodge in Ballstad

Final thoughts

We did the fabulous Offersøykammen hike on our last full day in the Lofoten Islands. We’d done a lot of great hikes – including Nonstinden, Ryten, Mannen, Rheinebringen and Munken Mountain along with several beach hikes, but this one stood out for the views you get in the short amount of time, and the relative lack of people. It’s a great hike to do if you want to break up the drive to or from the Reine area.

Another view looking northeasterly from the summit of Offersøykammen

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