A Complete Ireland Road Trip in 7 Adventurous Days

Kylemore Abbey Ireland

Ireland’s true magic lives outside the cities and beyond the pale. When you leave the sunny southeast, you enter a world where dreams and desires live side by side.

We call this a complete 7-Day Ireland road trip because it contains a detailed itinerary, including meals and accommodations. It’s a companion article providing the logistics and routes to our Dozen Unique Irish Adventures that details how these activities let you learn about the land while getting your thrill on. An interactive map is shared across both articles with plenty of cross-linking.

We took this 6 day/7 night 700-mile Irish road trip ourselves and found it action-packed and high-energy. We split activities on many days, so we know it would take two weeks for you to do everything on our list. However, the route and logistics are solid, even if you want to take an extra day or two to stop and smell the heather