The Beach Road Vizag

I love rooftops for the incredible photo opportunities they provide! Novotel Vizag has a wonderful rooftop restaurant, Infinity. In addition they have a running track on the top. At sunrise and sunset I would simply go to the rooftop and enjoy the view. I could see the many moods of the Beach Road Vizag and it was such a pleasure.

A Fisheye View of Novotel Vizag along with the Beach Road

When I get to see such incredible view I wish to capture a lot of it in a single frame. GoPro comes in handy at such occasions.

The Beach Road looks good from any angle you view it. I so enjoyed watching its various moods during my stay.

The Crowd at the RK Beach

The crowd you see was the weekend crowd. The RK Beach is more crowded in the evening. I was happy to stand at the top floor and enjoy the view from a distance.

Evening at the Beach Road, Vizag

Looking at the crowd I decided to go to the beach in the morning. The added advantage was the sunrise on the beach.

Sunrise at Vizag

For a very long time, I was not the morning person. Then my daughter started playing tennis in the morning. Now, I can catch a few sunrises without groaning too much.

Even though the terrace view was superb, the view from my room was beautiful too. I went to Vizag on a short trip. Other than the beach I did not venture out anywhere. But I loved my stay at the Novotel Vizag. I need more vacations like these!

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